Review: Your Billable Life

This isn’t a book about corporate governance but since a large number of attorneys read this blog I thought I’d post a quick review of Your Billable Life: A Law Firm Survival Guide for New Attorneys by Bruce F. Dravis since I recently reviewed his excellent book The Role of Independent Directors in Corporate Governance.

Your Billable Life is written for first year lawyers but it may be even more helpful to those seeking their first job as an associate, since it contains a good discussion that may help you in deciding what type of firm you want to practice with.

It is a very quick read. Much of the information may seem obvious but almost everyone will get some insights on getting the most from mentor, how to communicate with them, senior partners and clients. How to be stupid; how to be smart and balancing work and life are among the many brief chapters. Dravis has twenty years of experience. If he can save you from one blunder that could make a huge difference in you career path, shouldn’t you take the plunge and spend an hour or two reading his wise counsel?

Read the first chapter for free and you’ll be hooked.


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