Some CalPERS Gift Reporting Investigations Closed

The FPPC opened an investigation earlier this year over allegations that 49 CalPERS board members and employees failed to accurately report gifts from lobbyists, contractors and other entities during the past five years. Six letters released last month are among the first results from the investigation. More findings are likely to be released over the next several weeks.

via The State Worker: FPPC begins closing CalPERS gift reporting investigation.

At this point, it appears most of the “violations” were very minor and most were cleared or let off with a warning. The report says that one former employee “wasn’t fined because he has since left CalPERS.” That doesn’t seem quite right. If he would have been fined as an employee, I think he should still be fined. However, like most of the others, he failed to report a meal. I presume that also like the others he would have gotten a warning letter if he was still at CalPERS.


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