The Mind of an Institutional Investor

Great to see Jon Lukomnik, managing partner of Sinclair Capital, now blogging at The Mind of an Institutional Investor, and now added to our blogroll. Lukomnik’s first two topics are Debunking Myths About ISS and Irrational Short-Termism in Investing.

One of Lukomnik’s arguments with regard to ISS is that they are as much a follower as a leader because of their annual survey, which they use to set their proxy policies. Don’t Miss Chance to Shape ISS Policy. Jon also discusses the failure of ISS to strongly influence say-on-pay votes.

For those interested in Lukomnik’s Irrational Short-Termism in Investing, I would also recommend Can Investors Behave Long Term? and What is Short Term? A Conversation Retesting Assumptions. Although we’ve discussed some of the same issues, Lukomnik brings fresh insights from his years of experience in the field of corporate governance.

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