Occupy the Boardroom

I attended a local “occupy” last night in Elk Grove, California. Eight protestors, six or seven police and four from the media. If it is happening in sleepy suburban enclaves it won’t be long before protesters show up at board meetings.

Occupy the Board Room will facilitate such action. “The 1% have addresses. The 99% have messages.”

Make your voice heard by the Wall Street elites who wrecked the economy and made the rest of us pay. Click on someone below and tell them a story that you think they should listen to. Just got a college degree and nothing to show for it? Just got evicted while your banker gets bonuses? Share your special story with someone who ought to know.

If you’re feeling even more generous, why not reach out in a more creative way? Click on a banker below, then read the instructions and examples to get inspired. Maybe your banker needs some kind words, or maybe an intervention. Most importantly, use your imagination! The best, funniest, most revelatory interactions win prizes.

Broc Romanek has a great post about “occupy” bringing it home entitled Coming Soon: #Occupy [Name of Your Company Here]. Broc also offers advice: security, a look to guard against Lake Wobegon excesses, review your pay disparity ratio, peer surveys. Sure, its a pitch for CompensationStandards.com but it your company isn’t paying attention you may end up looking ugly in the Washington Post. See also Assessing Pay for Performance at HLS Corpgov Forum.

Of course, with our focus on proxy access for more than ten years we’ve been longtime advocates of occupy the boardroom. Which will it be, shareowner nomines or disaffected citizens? Hold back long enough and it could be both.


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