Strine's Mind: Go if You Dare

Fall is a natural time to confront the less savory side of your soul. On a range from dark black to deep gray, David Vann’s “Caribou Island,” the astonishing “Wolf Hall” by Hilary Mantel and “Open City” by Teju Cole each explore the depths of human motivation in moving and disturbing ways. Finish this fictional journey with the redemptive work of Reynolds Price, an underappreciated American novelist who died this year. “The Promise of Rest” and “Kate Vaiden” are, in their own ways, as unflinching about humanity’s capacity for evil as the prior works, but more forgiving and redemptive.

He recommends music as well. Read more: Movers & shakers: Off-duty with Judge Leo Strine – The Deal Pipeline (SAMPLE CONTENT: NEED AN ID?) Thanks for the head’s up from Francis Pileggi the Delaware Corporate and Commercial Litigation Blog.


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