Video Friday: Keep Wall St. Occupied

If you can’t occupy Wall Street, you can at least keep Wall Street occupied. Help Occupy Wall Street–and get rid of junk mail while you do it, using those handy “business reply” envelopes that show up unwanted at your doorstep.

The idea is to “keep Wall Street occupied” by organizing a mass movement of consumers to send their unsolicited credit card and mortgage offers right back to the Wall Street mailrooms from whence they came–with a message from the 99% inside.

I’m not sure it will start much of a dialogue and I certainly won’t be sending back any wood splints, but if stuffing their own junk mail in their prepaid envelop and sending it back gets the banks to stop sending me junk mail, that will be enough to make it worth it for me.

I’m planning a little direct action myself. At least one bank will be the target of the model proxy access proposal I’ve been developing with others at the United States Proxy Exchange.

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