Got a Match? Lighting a Fire Under Retail Investors

Jason Zweig quoted this 1949 Benjamin Graham statement in his recent WSJ piece Will New Tools Help Small Shareholders Topple Giants?, 1/7/2012):

the only way to inspire the average American shareholder to take any independently intelligent action would be by exploding a firecracker under him.

Hopefully, his article will provide the match that lights a fire. Great to see positive mention of sites like, the United States Proxy and in such mainstream press. Let’s hope in helps inspire an “occupy” the boardroom revolution.

I was very impressed with Zweig’s knowledge of corporate governance issues during our telephone discussion and googled him. Although I read his Intelligent Investor column occasionally in WSJ, I hadn’t been aware of his site It is by far the best site I’ve ever seen for advice on how individual’s should approach investing. I’ve added a permanent link on our Links+ page under the category Individual Investors.

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