The Shareholder Activist™ is a new source for information and advice to facilitate responsible shareholder activism. The site includes tools, tactics, and techniques to help retail investors fully exercise their rights in publicly traded companies.

Don’t just dispute, contribute. Effective shareholder activists do more than shed light on problems; they volunteer solutions, or at least alternatives.

Subscribe to their feed. I did. The site reflects the backgrounds of their bloggers. Jonathan Bayer draws on his experience in the financial services industry—as a trader, a manager, an executive trainer, and a broker-relations specialist. Craig McGuire has been a successful communications specialist, investor and finance journalist, and business consultant for the last 25 years. Christopher Bayer, Ph.D., is “The Wall Street Psychologist,” promising to bring us “inside the minds of The Street as few can.”

They are off to a good start with a lot of step-by-step instructions on subjects like:

I especially like Christopher Bayer’s musings, The Wall Street Psychologist. Wall Street could certainly use a large number of therapists. I expect much more from as content rolls out and hope to make a slight contribution to their efforts myself.

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