2012 Forum of Corporate Governance for Listed Companies in Shanghai

More than 400 participants turned out for the 2012 Forum of Corporate Governance for Listed Companies, which opened at the Shanghai International Conference Center on March 1.

They include representatives of financial institutions, entrepreneurs of listed companies from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland, industrial experts and scholars, as well as government officials and regulators.

The event consists of a main forum along with keynote speeches and a sub-forum for case studies, during which guests will have in-depth discussions on various topics, such as development trends in the governance of listed companies, regulatory environment and macro-level views on the governance of listed Chinese companies.

The two-day forum is the first of its kind in the country and it involves all of China’s major stock exchanges, located in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. It is organized by the Chamber of Hong Kong Listed Companies, a nonprofit organization serving listed companies and other interested parties in Hong Kong.

If anyone has a report of what took place, please forward. I would love to learn more. I would especially be interested in shareowner initiatives to make corporate boards more accountable.

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