Panel Discussion: Taxing Wealth Like Work – the Buffett Rule

C-SPAN will broadcast the tax fairness panel discussion at noon today (Eastern). Here are two ways to get in the loop from afar:


The ADA Education Fund’s Congressional briefing series continues in April with a summit roundtable of leading advocates for a fairer tax system.


  • John Nichols, Nation magazine (moderator)
  • Dean Baker, Center for Economic & Policy Research
  • Elspeth Gilmore, Resource Generation
  • Mike Lapham, Responsible Wealth/UFE
  • Chuck Marr, Center on Budget & Policy Priorities
  • Robert McIntyre, Citizens for Tax Justice
  • Rebecca Thiess, Economic Policy Institute

The panelists will discuss the Buffett Rule, ending the Bush-era tax cuts, “taxing wealth like work” by raising the capital gains rate, preserving a strong federal estate tax, ending corporate tax dodging, a Wall Street transaction tax and more. Some of these ideas may be central to getting shareholders, who are now flipping shares like betting slips, to start thinking like shareowners, who are in it for the long-term.


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