Praxis Contest on Corporate Governance

BlackRock and the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) issued an invitation to undergraduate and graduate students, PhD researchers and university faculty to participate in a global challenge to apply the latest in academic theory to develop innovative corporate governance practices. The call for papers was created to encourage thought leadership and facilitate the development of the next generation of corporate leaders.

Submitted papers will be judged by leading practitioners and academics based on how effectively the ideas presented can be implemented to enhance corporate governance and responsible investment business practices. In addition to cash awards, winners will be recognized at NACD’s 2013 Spring Forum where they will have an opportunity to present their winning ideas to corporate directors and other business leaders. Myron T. Steele, Chief Justice of the Delaware Supreme Court, who is chairing the evaluation committee said:

The call for papers gives students and faculty a rare opportunity to directly reach corporate leaders in developing innovative business practices and shaping the future of corporate governance.

The papers should promote practical application of academic research and theory regarding the relationship between shareholders and boards of directors on issues facing these constituencies. Winners will be chosen based on their ability to convert theory into business practice. Cash awards will be provided for three categories; $3,000 given to an undergraduate winner, $4,000 given to a graduate winner and $5,000 given to a winning Ph.D. or faculty submission. Said Ken Daly, president and CEO of NACD:

This is a great opportunity for the next generation of corporate leaders – college students and faculty – to articulate their ideas to strengthen corporate trust and confidence.

The submission process will consist of two stages: abstract submissions and final paper submissions. Abstracts are due by June 1, 2012 to Those selected to submit a full paper will be notified by July 1, 2012, and final paper submissions are due by Sept. 30, 2012.

Papers must be academically sound, as determined by a panel of academic experts, and the winners will be selected based on the applicability and usefulness of their idea from a practitioner perspective.

To learn more about the program, see the NACD call for papers, Your Chance to Impact How the World Conducts Business. Submit any questions to

I’d be happy to provide feedback on drafts. Since I’m neither student or faculty, I’m ineligible. The last contest I remember like this was won by James P. Hawley and Andrew T. Williams. The paper resulted in their now classic book, The Rise of Fiduciary Capitalism: How Institutional Investors Can Make Corporate America More Democratic. Let’s hope this contest results in similar gems.

About BlackRock

BlackRock is a leader in investment management, risk management and advisory services for institutional and retail clients worldwide. At March 31, 2012, BlackRock’s AUM was $3.684 trillion.

About NACD

The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) is the only membership organization dedicated to director education, director training, and board research.

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