Proxy Access Avoidance Strategies

Learn to minimize the “risk” of proxy access and more in this free webinar from Corporate Secretary. Listen to find out how proactive governance can protect you, your board, your company and your brand in our free webinar at 12 noon EDT on April 26, 2012.

This will be a discussion of best practices, strategies and tactics companies can use to protect themselves in a shareholder-centric world. With proxy access, say-on-pay challenges, political contribution disclosures, majority voting, social media & environmental proposals presenting risks for your corporate secretary and legal team to overcome, it is important to prepare them to deal with the latest proxy developments.

Learn how to deal with these potential threats by listening to our panel of experts at our webinar. Join this free 30-minute event for a high-level briefing on the top governance issues for 2012, including:

  • Why companies need to be proactive, not reactive to shareholder concerns
  • What to do about say on pay ‒ year two, proxy access and political contribution disclosures
  • What can corporate secretaries do to engage shareholders better this proxy season?

The expert panel of speakers for the webinar includes:

I hope they talk about avoiding proxy access proposals by providing it, avoiding proposals on political contributions by making them moot, avoiding environmental proposal by being proactive. Get ahead of the game through best practices, not defensive measures. I don’t expect Byrd and Scott to recommend that companies take shareowners daring to submit proposal to court, like Apache.

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