Tips from Ralph Ward's Boardroom Insider

The April edition of this slim publication for directors, as always, is jammed with tips. While all were informative (Ward’s publication is one of a few where I generally read every article), a few jumped out:

  • Ward recommends that directors go to Facebook and Twitter to see what people are saying about their company. “Directors make ideal social media lurkers for the company. You can see what the wide world is thinking in real time, without actually being an influencer. Best of all, the online take gives a strong reality check to whatever management is telling you.”
  • After years of toughening governance standards, how are most new board members still recruited? By someone knowing someone else, that’s how. This includes seeing how someone reacts under pressure, what their values are, how they work with others, and (putting it bluntly), how smart they seem to be. All these are revealed in a boardroom setting. Thus, if you seek board candidates for your own company, or a nonprofit that’s important to your life, consider your fellow directors as auditioning for consideration.
  • Ward also has a lengthly article (given his brief format) on what board wannabes should learn about how search firms actually handle director searches for clients. How does the process work — and how can you turn it to advantage? Even though most are recruited through personal contacts, use of search firms is increasing. Ward offers several insider tips.
And be stop by to download Ward’s e-book BOARDROOM Q&A – Ralph Ward Answers Your Toughest Boardroom Questions. At a cost of less than $8, it has to be the most cost-effective tool available to board members and wannabes… as well as for those of us who mostly just lurk.

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