Video Friday: Client or Muppet? Muppet or ShareOwner? Kermit Responds

Two Goldman Sachs “clients” take a look at themselves after Greg Smith’s New York Times op-ed in this musical puppet number. A parody of the Oscar-winning song “Man or Muppet” rewritten by author and law professor Frank Partnoy. (March 26, 2012)

See below.

That Frank Partnoy is one creative guy. Check out his latest book, Wait: The Art and Science of Delay. Taking control of time and slowing down our responses yields better results in almost every arena of life … even when time seems to be of the essence. Inspirational for procrastinators.

Perhaps what we need are a few more parodies. How about Muppet or ShareOwner? Too many shareowners seem satisfied to be muppets, failing to stand up to corporate managers who take a higher and higher proportion of corporate profits.

And there’s also this: Kermit the Frog sets the record straight. Muppetgate at Goldman Sachs prompts a written response from the host of The Muppet Show to Lloyd Blankfein, chief executive of Goldman Sachs.

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