Wanted: CalSTRS Portfolio Manager

Work with a great group of people concerned with the sustainability at a comfortable salary in a calm environment (relative to New York). When applying for this position, please note on your application: Position #815-350-4697-002 RPA (11-415). 
Under the direction of the Director of Corporate Governance, the Portfolio Manager (PM) provides a high level of expertise and leadership to the Corporate Governance Program specifically focusing on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. The PM is responsible for evaluating the performance of the relational investments, domestic and international, and for implementing the Teachers’ Retirement Board’s approved plan for the Corporate Governance Program.

Essential Functions: Design and implement a comprehensive strategy for the incorporation of environmental issues into investment decisions as well as external manager and consultant selection. Lead CalSTRS Green Initiative Task Force (Green Team) and oversee the effort to engage portfolio companies on their environmental disclosure and the selection of relevant metrics for environmental/sustainability criteria. Oversee efforts to engage appropriate government and regulatory officials on environmental policy and asset class allocation. Development of a comprehensive strategy for the Corporate Governance Program and the integration of the Program with the overall investment management plan.

Represent CalSTRS on advisory bodies, public and investment forums and political and regulatory forums on investment management issues related to Corporate Governance. Maintain constant contact with the Council of Institutional Investors, The National Association of Corporate Directors, and the American Association of Corporate Secretaries, the stock exchanges, the SEC, PCAOB, Ceres, other institutional investors, thought leaders and academics. Manage the US and non-US relational investments and recommend co-investments decisions as stipulated within established polices.

Conduct on-site, due diligence inspections and evaluations of investment managers and potential investment opportunities located throughout the United State and internationally. Meet and/or have dialogue with corporations within the CalSTRS portfolio to identify perceived corporate governance weaknesses which tie to the financial viability of the corporations. Annually, identify target companies for governance improvements, when appropriate, recommend shareholder proposals and determine the proper activity level to pursue.

Desirable Qualifications:

  • Demonstrated experience in analyzing a broad range of environmental risks and their potential impact on portfolio investment securities and asset allocation;
  • Demonstrated experience developing and implementing environmental risk mitigation strategies;
  • Demonstrated experience in evaluating enviornmental-themed investment opportunities and their appropriateness for portfolio investment consideration;
  • Demonstrated ability to manage a multi-asset team of investment professionals;
  • Demonstrated ability to act collaboratively and work as part of a cross-functional team;
  • Experience developing and delivering public and board-level presentations;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills;and
  • Strong leadership and team management skills

How to Apply:
Interested individuals should submit a STD 678, Examination and/or Employment Application (Rev. 12/06 or later) to the address below. Surplus applicants must attach a copy of their letter. The STD. 678 can be accessed through the State Personnel Board website.

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