Coca-Cola (KO): How I Voted – Proxy Score 100%

Coca-Cola ($KO) is one of the stocks in my portfolio. Their annual meeting is coming up on 7/10/2012. Voting ends 7/9 on Moxy Vote’s proxy voting platform, which had 5 recommendations “from good causes,” including 2 consolidations, when I checked and voted on 7/3/2012. had information on 3 or 4 funds voting, depending on how you count.  I voted with management 100% of the time.

Coke’s meeting only has one item on the agenda: a two-for-one stock split. All funds recorded at both MoxyVote and ProxyDemocracy voted in favor of the split; so did I.

Checking with, I see shareowners have no right to call a special meeting.  Mark your calendars; here’s the deadline for proposals by shareowners for next year:

A proposal for action to be presented by any shareowner at the 2013 Annual Meeting of Shareowners will be acted upon if, pursuant to Rule 14a-8 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the “1934 Act”), the proposal is received at the Office of the Secretary on or before November 8, 2012.  Proposals should be sent to the Office of the Secretary by fax to (404) 676-8409 or by mail to the Office of the Secretary, The Coca-Cola Company, P.O. Box 1734, Atlanta, Georgia 30301 or by e-mail to

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