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I’m on vacation but here’s part of Broc Romanek‘s post from yesterday on SEC Trading Commissioner Cards and a great cartoon by Hank Blaustein, which you can buy from Grant’s Interest Rate Observer for $150, signed by the artist, probably a better investment than most stocks.  Simon Billenness, Consultant, Corporate Responsibility and Socially Responsible Investment, tells me:

I actually have two of these SEC trading cards!  There were people distributing them outside Union Station last week.

Hot New Item! SEC Commissioner Trading Cards!

As someone who grew up being a wheeler-dealer in baseball cards – I amassed over 25k cards in the mid-70s when I was a young teenager – my head got turned when I read this article about how the Coalition for Accountability in Political Spending was using the tactic of handing out SEC Commissioner trading cards outside of the Union Station Metro Station (which is next to the SEC’s HQ) in an effort to have the SEC adopt rules that would mandate political contributions disclosures (remember the rulemaking petition in this area that received a quarter million comments). I love it! Here are pictures of the trading cards, as well as pics of the street teams handing them out, etc.

And I hate the Citizens United decision. Living in a swing-state, I am witnessing firsthand the destruction to our society wrought by that wrong-headed decision. Something clearly needs to be done to fix the problems caused by the decision before we are truly living in that world dominated by Biff from “Back to the Future Part II.”

Wouldn’t it be groovy to have trading cards of the SEC Staffers themselves? Who would be the valuable Charizard? And would rare cards of folks that didn’t stay long be worth more than tenured Staffers who spent their entire careers there? “I’ll trade you a Howard Morin for a Bobby O and MaryAnne Busse, but only if you throw in a Terry Hatfield as a kicker”…

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