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How should your comp committee respond to the issue of conflicting pay numbers? Draw up the variant scenarios to see for yourselves how the “paydays” differ. In disclosing your proxy numbers, use the Compensation Disclosure & Analysis to make your case if it seems the disclosed pay level is not the same as realized pay (and prepare to defend any assumptions you use).

Finally, if there is strong variation between your execs’ disclosed pay, target pay, and realized pay, explore why. The more you can bring the legal snapshot, ideal and real figures into sync, the less explaining you’ll need to do.

On stock ownership by directors, almost 78% of the top U.S. corporations had board stock ownership rules, while stock holding requirements were found at 30.5% of the Fortune 100. Ward tells you how to make sure your company gets up-to-date.

Find the perfect quote to trigger reflection, insight, or humor at just the right moment. Ralph Ward recommends Selected Quotations that Inspire Us to Think Bigger, Live Better and Laugh Harder.

These are just a few of the many tips found in the October edition of Ralph Ward’s Boardroom Insider. If you don’t subscribe, you might be left outside.

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