NACD Offers Board Advisory Services

Boards ranging from small-cap companies to the Fortune 10 are currently working with NACD Board Advisory Services to facilitate confidential and independent evaluations of their boards and directors. 

Clients grew tired of their annual cycle of “check the box” evaluations and instead, with the help of NACD, engage an internationally recognized and trusted advisor. These boards recognized the need to

  • ensure that the individual skill sets and overall composition of their boards are optimized to oversee the company’s long-term strategy;
  • assess whether the boards and c-suite are strategically aligned and fully engaged and;
  • leverage the findings to create concrete action steps.

NACD’s evaluations are conducted by sitting directors from the largest and most diverse faculty roster in the world. As director peers, they foster candid discussions and uncover insights to transform a potentially sensitive process into a constructive learning experience.

With NACD’s more than 13,000 members and 35 years of governance research, no other organization is as qualified to facilitate your evaluation. Review their sample client list.

Call Steven R. Walker, General Counsel and Director of Board Advisory Services to discuss your evaluation process and how NACD can help. Walker can be reached at 202-572-2101.

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