Video Friday: Women on Boards & Glass Ceilings

A range of videos on the subject. The most recent EU proposal sets out a 40% “objective,” with unspecified sanctions against companies flouting the rules. The proposals would require companies to have clear, gender-neutral criteria for choosing non-executive directors and that if candidates are found to be equally qualified, then preference should be given to women. As long as companies have suitable systems in place, it appears they will not be penalized if they do not manage to meet the 40% level by 2020.  (EU defends women-on-boards plans, BBC, 11/14/2012)

Women On Boards Website. Find Appointments, Latest News, Findings and Research, Grants For Women, Opportunities For Women, Women Directors, Boardrooms, Governance, Corporate Governance, Women Business Angels, Income for Women, Senior Women and Women Leaders.

Just 1 in 7 board members at Europe’s top companies is a woman. Do we want to wait another 40 years to reach a fair gender balance?

The European Commission wants 40% of women non-executive directors on the boards of listed companies by 2020. The WSJ sought the views of executives at the FN100 Women event, which recognized Financial News’s most influential women in Europe’s financial markets. (WSJ)

Campaign in favour of EU-wide boardroom quotas for women. This Green campaign supports the introduction of mandatory EU-wide quotas for the representation of women on executive boards. The voluntary approach to addressing one of the major remaining barriers to gender equality has failed and the Greens support the introduction of a binding boardroom quota through EU legislation with a view to stimulating the push towards balanced boardrooms.

Harald Norvik, Chairman telenor group & Aschehough publishing house. Board member at Conoco Philips & PGS. Interview conducted by Claire Braund, Executive Director Women on Boards.

Women on Boards – Lords EU Sub-Committee B report. Baroness O’Cathain, Chair of the Lords Internal Market, Infrastructure and Employment EU Sub-Committee, discusses its report on Women on Boards. For more information visit:

Gender diversity in the boardroom with Claire Braund, Executive Director of Women on Boards, Australia.

Working women are more than just token representatives of a diverse workforce, but many, including leaders of organizations around the world, see them only as that… tokens. The 2011 Catalyst Awards Video challenges the status quo with a parody meant to call out, humorously, this antiquated business behavior. The stats in the end tell the ultimate truth.

An now the commercials. 

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