Video Friday: Marcus on 2012, Monks Previews 2013 Book, Sheila Bair & Scott Hamey on Corporations and Democracy

Lucy P. Marcus

2012 saw shareholders voting down pay deals, Apple pulled up on labour conditions & execs at Starbucks & Amazon grilled over UK tax avoidance. Lucy Marcus rounds up the year in boards.

Robert AG Monks

Robert Monks, the father of US corporate governance from an activist stance, gives a very small preview into what he’s writing about right now. Expect another book from Bob in 2013. “It’s testament to Bob Monks’ passion for corporate governance that as he approaches 79 years of age he’s still ready to challenge received wisdom, and with what he calls a renewed ‘sense of freedom’ now that he no longer has to rely on it to make a living. To this end, he believes that this year’s so-called Shareholder Spring, which has had commentators opining that investors have finally woken up to exercise their governance power, is a charade unless it gets support from the pillars of institutional investing such as the multi-billion endowments of Harvard and Yale, the assets of Cambridge University, the Wellcome Trust and the Church of England:” (continue @ Great & the Good Must Step Up on Bob’s site)

I haven’t checked out this program before but a radio station in tiny Mendocino, CA hosts a program, Corporations & Democracy, which airs every other Friday at 1 PM. If I can, I’ll give it a listen today. Join us by going to KZYX. Click the “Home” button and you’ll see a drop-down for “Listen Live.” When I clicked, I was able to download their streaming address to my iTunes player. I hope it works for you. Here’s their teaser for today’s show.

Does our government regulate Wall Street, or does the financial industry control our government? To answer this question, hosts Tom Wodetzki and Jim Tarbell will interview two experts. The first is Sheila Bair, past chair of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and, according to Forbes magazine, the most powerful woman in the world in 2008 & 9, after Angela Merkel. The second guest is Scott Hamey, General Counsel at the Project On Government Oversight, which investigates government and corporate misconduct, exposes corruption, supports whistleblowers and works for greater transparency.

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