100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior

Trust Across AmericaCHESTER, NEW JERSEY, January 14, 2013. Trust Across America, global leaders in information, standards and data, and Who’s Who in trustworthy business has selected 2013’s Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior. These people collectively represent a group that can genuinely transform the way organizations do business. Consider following us on Twitter.

According to Barbara Kimmel, Executive Director,

The release of this third annual list coincides with the formal launch of Trust Across America’s Campaign for Trust™, a two-year collaborative initiative to reverse the cycle of mistrust in business.

This year’s recipients hail from around the globe and once again include leaders from the public and private sectors as well as authors, consultants, researchers and academics. Each recipient has made an extensive and positive contribution to building trust in business and many have already joined Trust Across America’s Alliance of Trustworthy Business Experts (ATBE), a program that launched in the fourth quarter of 2012 and has already grown to over 150 global experts who are collaboratively joining forces to combat the world’s trust crisis.

Trust Across America publicized and received hundreds of nominations from around the world. The list was narrowed through an extensive vetting and independent judging process.

According to Kimmel,

The honorees are inspiring organizations to look more closely at their higher purpose…to create greater value for, and trust from, all of their stakeholders. They understand that trust is an asset that can leverage real business gains. We congratulate all of these leaders whose work is shining a spotlight on the importance of trust and providing a roadmap for others to follow.

Trust Across America™ (TAA) www.trustacrossamerica.com is a program of Next Decade, Inc., an award-winning communications firm that has been unraveling and simplifying complex subjects for over 20 years. TAA provides a framework for public companies to improve trustworthy business practices, as well as showcasing role models that are exhibiting high levels of trust and integrity.


While there are many “top” lists and awards, none specifically address trustworthy business behavior – perhaps because the word “trust” presents a definitional challenge. For four years Trust Across America has been working with a growing team of experts to study, define and quantify trustworthy business. While our research is nowhere near complete, we know that an organization cannot be deemed trustworthy without a culture that embraces strong and stable financials, conservative accounting, corporate integrity, transparency, sustainability and long-term reputation preservation.

During the course of our research, we have met with and spoken to hundreds of thought leaders, across a variety of professional disciplines who, when their efforts are combined, help create trustworthy organizations. As our understanding of trust deepens, so does our pool of exceptional candidates. Many of these people are well known and have received numerous honors and accolades, while others are quietly working behind the scenes. We intend to shine the spotlight on both groups, hoping that the world focus will begin to shift from the “scandal of the day” to the trustworthy leaders and organizations of the day.


Welcome to Trust Across America’s third annual list of Top Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior. The first was published in December 2010, followed by our Top Thought Leaders Europe/Middle East list in July 2011. Last year’s list was limited to North America. Our 2013 list includes experts from around the world.

Our nomination period remained open and was broadcast for approximately eight weeks, closing in mid-November 2012. Our team reviewed hundreds of entries, narrowing applicants to those who were recommended by colleagues, have made the news, fit the philosophical profile, and/or are generating change.

This year we are dedicating our list to the late Stephen R. Covey whose work was instrumental to the founding of Trust Across America.

Congratulations to the 2013 Top Thought Leaders. Trust Across America recognizes your outstanding achievements.

Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior 2013

(presented alphabetically- I never thought I’d be in such illustrious company)

  1. Patricia Aburdene – A world-renown speaker, author and advocate of corporate transformation. Having won global recognition as co-author of the Megatrends books, Patricia now inspires audiences with a concrete blueprint of how values and consciousness will transform business. Her newest book isMegatrends 2010: the Rise of Conscious Capitalismwww.patriciaaburdene.com @paburdene
  2. Nicholas Aster – Founder and Publisher at Triple Pundit, bringing companies, organizations and individuals into the greater conversation about sustainability – for the benefit of people, planet, and profit. www.triplepundit.com @triplepundit
  3. Michael Beer – The Cahners-Rabb Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus at the Harvard Business School and Chairman of TruePoint a research based consultancy he co-founded. Beer works with senior executives who aspire to transform their organization into a high commitment and performance system through honest conversations about the organization’s alignment with strategy and values. He is the author of Higher Ambition: How Great Leaders Create Economic Value.www.truepoint.com
  4. William Benner – One of three founding partners who developed and applies the Triscendence Trust Assessment for Leadership Teams (TTALT) with government and business clients. The assessment measures trust-related behaviors, and offers an internal versus external perspective on the current levels of trust between team members and with the team leader. www.wwconsult.us
  5. Rohit Bhargava – Since 2004 Rohit has been helping organizations become more authentic and trustworthy. He currently teaches about trust and marketing at Georgetown University and runs trust building workshops for large companies around the world. Rohit’s most recent book Likeonomics (2012) was featured in the Harvard Business Review. www.rohitbhargava.com @rohitbhargava
  6. Hank Boerner – Chairman of Governance & Accountability Institute. Hank is recognized for his expertise in dealing with a broad range of ESG factors and issues. www.ga-institute.com @gainstitutewww.ga-institute.com @gainstitute
  7. Roger Bolton – President, Arthur W. Page Society, the professional association for senior public relations officers of Fortune 500 corporations. He continues to promote building trustworthy organizations as a key role of the profession. He is the co-author with Jon Iwata (IBM see below) of the recent report “Building Belief: A New Model for Activating Corporate Character and Authentic Advocacy.” www.awpagesociety.com @awpagesociety
  8. Richard Branson – CEO and founder, Virgin Group of companies, Branson believes there are few things more important in business than trust – In 2007, Sir Branson announced the creation of a new Global science and technology prize to the individual or group able to demonstrate a commercially viable design which will result in the net removal of anthropogenic, atmospheric greenhouse gases.www.virgin.com @RichardBranson
  9. Dan Bross – Senior Director Corporate Citizenship at Microsoft. Dan is responsible for citizenship strategic planning and program development; field readiness and training; marketing and communications; business integration; and stakeholder engagement – including managing Microsoft’s strategic relationship with the World Economic Forum. www.microsoft.com
  10. Dr. Carolyn K. Brancato – An expert in various aspects of corporate finance, regulatory economics and corporate governance. In 1993 she founded The Conference Board’s Global Corporate Governance Research Center and in 2004, The Directors’ Institute at The Conference Board. She currently directs The Conference Board’s European Council on Corporate Governance as well as the South Asia Council on Corporate Governance & Risk Management. Following the Enron and WorldCom debacles, she served as Director of The Conference Board’s globally recognized Commission on Public Trust and Private Enterprise. http://www.conference-board.org/bio/index.cfm?bioid=7
  11. Ram Charan – A business advisor and speaker famous among senior executives for his uncanny ability to solve their toughest business problems. Identified by Fortune as the leading expert in corporate governance, Dr. Charan is helping boards go beyond the requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley and the New York Stock Exchange by providing practical ways to improve their group dynamics. He is the author ofOwning Up: The 14 Questions Every Board Member Needs to Askwww.ram-charan.com
  12. Elaine Cohen – CEO of Beyond Business Ltd – Elaine Cohen is the Joint CEO of BeyondBusiness Ltd, a leading CSR consulting and reporting firm, offering a wide range of consulting services for the strategic development of social and environmental responsibility of businesses, reporting and assurance using the GRI and Accountability frameworks, and reporting on application of Global Compact principles.www.b-yond.biz/en/ @ElaineCohen
  13. Randy Conley – Global Trust Practice Leader at The Ken Blanchard Companies. He oversees the development and implementation of the company’s Trustworks! Training curriculum and consults with clients to help them develop more trustworthy leaders and business practices.www.kenblanchard.com @RandyConley
  14. Stephen M.R. Covey – Co-founder and CEO of CoveyLink Worldwide. A sought-after and compelling keynote speaker and advisor on trust, leadership, ethics, and high performance. He is the author/co-author of several books including The SPEED of Trust and Smart Trust: Creating Prosperity, Energy, and Joy in a Low-Trust Worldwww.coveylink.com
  15. Aron Cramer – President and CEO of BSR, Aron is recognized globally as an authority on corporate responsibility. Aron is co-author of the book Sustainable Excellence: The Future of Business in a Fast-Changing World, about the corporate responsibility strategies that drive business success.www.bsr.org @BSRNews
  16. Michael Crooke – The former President and CEO of Patagonia Inc., he is currently an assistant professor of strategy at Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business and Management. Dr. Crooke coordinates the school’s new Certificate in Socially, Environmentally and Ethically Responsible (SEER) Business Practice Program and he teaches the capstone course on responsible business practice.bschool.pepperdine.edu/programs/full-time-mba/seer/michael-crooke.htm
  17. Lolly Daskal – Founder of Lead from Within, a global consultancy that has counseled heads of state, consulted to CEOs of large multinationals, and coached budding entrepreneurs. As a speaker, coach and consultant, Lolly is passionate about heart-based leadership and the value of personal integrity.www.lollydaskal.com @LollyDaskal
  18. Daniel Diermeier – A professor of Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences at the Kellogg School of Management, and Professor of Political Science at Northwestern University. He is director of the Ford Motor Company Center for Global Citizenship, where his work focuses on reputation management, political and regulatory risk, crisis management, and integrated strategy. He is the author of Reputation Rules: Strategies for Building Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset.www.kellogg.northwestern.edu/faculty/diermeier/personal/ @RepRules
  19. Richard Edelman – President and CEO of Edelman, the world’s largest public relations firm with 66 offices and 4,500 employees worldwide. PRWeek named Richard the fifth most powerful executive in 2012. Perhaps best known for the Edelman Trust Barometer, now in its 13th year, Richard believes that the field of PR must turn its attention to public engagement which centers on communication that is bottom up, social, radically transparent, values-led and rooted in action that delivers a demonstrable impact. www.edelman.com @richardwedelman
  20. Jed Emerson – An internationally recognized thought leader in sustainability and sustainable finance, impact investing, social entrepreneurship and strategic philanthropy. Emerson has played founder roles with some of the nation’s leading venture philanthropy, community venture capital and social enterprises. www.blendedvalue.org @BlendedValue
  21. Cliff Feigenbaum – Publisher of the Green Money Journal, featuring a wide range of information and articles to assist individual investors in making sense of the choices available when it comes to investing with the Earth in mind. Cliff is also the co-author of Investing With Your Values.www.greenmoneyjournal.com @CliffGMJ
  22. Peter Firestein – President of Global Strategic Communications, Firestein is a strategic advisor to senior corporate management. He helps them build market value and sustainability by strengthening support among investors and social stakeholders. His book is Crisis of Character – Building Corporate Reputation in the Age of Skepticismwww.firesteinco.com
  23. R. Edward Freeman – Elis and Signe Olsson Professor, Freeman is academic director of the Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics. He is a senior fellow of the Olsson Center for Applied Ethics at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business. www.darden.virginia.edu @RE_Freeman
  24. Thomas L. Friedman – An internationally renowned author, reporter, and columnist—the recipient of three Pulitzer Prizes and the author of five bestselling books, among them he World is Flat and Hot, Flat and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution-and How it Can Renew America.www.thomaslfriedman.com @tomfriedman
  25. Francis Fukuyama – Olivier Nomellini Senior Fellow at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies (FSI), resident in FSI’s Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law. He has written a number of books, among them Trust: The Social Virtues and the Creation of Prosperity.www.stanford.edu @FukuyamaFrancis
  26. Leslie Gaines-Ross – Chief Reputation Strategist at Weber Shandwick, responsible for thought leadership. She is a corporate strategist, blogger and author of CEO Capital: A Guide to Building CEO Reputation and Company Success and Corporate Reputation: 12 Steps to Safeguarding and Recovering Reputationwww.webershandwick.com @ReputationRx
  27. Robert Galford – A managing partner of the Center for Leading Organizations. He divides his time across teaching on Executive Education programs and working with senior executives at the world’s leading firms on the leadership issues that lie at the intersection of strategy and organization. Rob is the co-author of The Trusted Advisor, The Trusted Leader and Your Leadership Legacy.www.centerforleading.com @RobertGalford
  28. David Gebler – Executive Fellow at the Center for Business Ethics at Bentley University and is on the International Advisory Board of Suffolk University’s Graduate Program in Ethics and Public Policy, where he co-teaches a course in Business Ethics. Author of Creating a Culture of Compliance and The Power Values: How Commitment, Integrity, and Transparency Clear the Roadblocks to Performance.www.skoutgroup.com @davidgebler
  29. Mary Gentile – Creator and Director of the “Giving Voice to Values” curriculum and Senior Research Scholar at Babson College; expert on ethical decision making; and author of Giving Voice to Values: How To Speak Your Mind When You Know What’s Rightwww.GivingVoiceToValues.org
  30. Bill George – Professor of management practice at Harvard Business School. He is the author of four best-selling books 7 Lessons for Leading in CrisisTrue NorthFinding Your True North, and Authentic Leadershipwww.billgeorge.org @Bill_George
  31. Charles H. Green – Speaker and executive educator on trust-based relationships and trust-based selling in complex businesses. The author of Trust-based Selling and co-author of The Trusted Advisor and The Trusted Advisor Fieldbookwww.trustedadvisor.com @CharlesHGreen
  32. Michelle Green – Vice President and Head of Corporate Responsibility for NYSE Euronext, overseeing the company’s global corporate responsibility efforts. She is responsible for internal corporate responsibility policies and initiatives, and for developing programs to leverage and enhance efforts of NYSE Euronext listed companies, promoting collaboration and cooperation on issues of common interest. exchanges.nyx.com
  33. Nadine Hack – President and CEO of beCause Global Consulting she is recognized internationally for her proven expertise in strategic planning, creative problem solving, insightful policy analysis, and politically sensitive negotiations. Nadine has brought vital leadership to scores of campaigns linking private resources with public needs to promote the advancement of women, children, minorities, health, human rights, civil liberties, economic development, the environment and peace.www.because.net @NadineHack
  34. Hazel Henderson – Founder of Ethical Markets Media, a futurist, evolutionary economist and author of award-winning Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy, and developer with Calvert Group of the widely used alternative to GNP, the Calvert-Henderson Quality of Life Indicators.www.hazelhenderson.com
  35. W. Michael Hoffman – Executive Director, Center for Business Ethics, Bentley University, Dr. Hoffman has been a shepherd of the business ethics movement for over three decades. He has written or edited 16 books on business ethics and is a frequent media contributor on ethical issues of the day. He was a co-founder of the Ethics and Compliance Officers Association in the early 1990’s, and a past President of the Society for Business Ethics. www.bentley.edu
  36. Jeffrey Hollender – Leading authority on corporate responsibility and radical transparency. Jeffrey is the author of The Responsibility Revolution: How the Next Generation of Businesses Will Win and co-founder of Seventh Generation. His mission is to inspire and provoke business leaders to think differently about the role they and their companies play in society. www.jeffhollender.com@JeffHollender
  37. Michael Hopkins – CEO and Chairman of MHC International – Michael is CEO and Chairman of MHC International Ltd., a research and service company specializing in social development issues for the public and private sector alike. Michael’s focus is in two main areas: Labor markets and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). www.mhcinternational.com @mjdhopkins
  38. David Horsager – An author, entrepreneur, professor, and award-winning keynote speaker who researches and speaks on the bottom-line impact of trust. David’s signature speech and book The Trust Edge have inspired leaders and motivated teams toward greater results on four continents and across the U.S. www.davidhorsager.com @DaveHorsager
  39. Tony Hsieh – CEO of Zappos and the author of Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose. Tony “believe(s) that getting the culture right is the most important thing a company can do.”www.zappos.com @zappos
  40. Jon Iwata – Senior Vice President for Marketing and Communications at IBM and current Chairman of the Arthur W. Page Society. Jon advocates for the integration of marketing, communications and CSR in global companies. Along with Roger Bolton, Iwata authored the recent report Building Belief: A New Model for Activating Corporate Character and Authentic Advocacywww.us.ibm.com @coastw
  41. Mitch Jackson – Vice President Environmental Affairs and Sustainability at FedEx Corporation. He develops the sustainability strategy and vision to ensure that FedEx minimizes its environmental footprint while still delivering outstanding customer service. Mitch shares environmental leadership insight at blog.fedex.com/mitchjacksonwww.fedex.com @Mitch_Jackson
  42. Michael Josephson – One of the nation’s most sought-after and quoted ethicists. Founder and president of Josephson Institute and its Character Counts! project, he has conducted programs for more than 100,000 leaders in government, business, education, sports, law enforcement, journalism, law, and the military. www.josephsoninstitute.org @JosephsonO
  43. Rosabeth M. Kanter – Holds the Ernest L. Arbuckle Professorship at Harvard Business School, where she specializes in strategy, innovation, and leadership for change. She is the author or co-author of 18 books including SuperCorp: How Vanguard Companies Create Innovation, Profits, Growth, and Social Goodwww.hbs.edu @RosabethKanter
  44. Paul Klein – A pioneer in corporate social responsibility and community investment, he is the founder of Impakt, a Toronto based firm that helps large corporations to strategically align business and social outcomes. Paul is a regular contributor to Forbes, works closely with Fortune 500 companies, and lectures at York University and Queens School of Business. www.impaktcorp.com @PaulatImpakt
  45. Jim Kouzes – The Dean’s Executive Professor of Leadership, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University, and an award-winning speaker, cited by the Wall Street Journal as one of the ten best executive educators in the U.S. He is the co-author of over thirty books and workbooks, including the bestselling The Leadership Challengewww.leadershipchallenge.com @Jim_Kouzes
  46. Dean Krehmeyer – Executive Director Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics. His contribution bridges the corporate and academic worlds, ensuring that leading research about trust gets translated into practice—and that leading practice becomes ingrained into academic research. Co-author of Breaking the Short-Term Cycle: Discussion and Recommendations on How Corporate Leaders, Asset Managers, Investors, and Analysts Can Refocus on Long-Term Valuewww.corporate-ethics.org @D_Krehmeyer
  47. Deb Krizmanich – Founder of Powernoodle, a company that helps people collaborate in a way that fundamentally drives business results via trust and integrity. By virtue of being anonymous, Powernoodle provides individuals with a safe environment to express their ideas, thoughts and opinions even if it is in direct opposition or conflict with others. As a result, a much more diverse set of ideas is generated, including the unique insights of those participants who may have been marginalized by traditional methods. www.powernoodle.com @Powernoodle
  48. Kevin Kruse – Founder of the Kruse Group, he dedicates his time spreading the message that trust is one of the top three drivers of employee engagement. He is the co-author of the NY Times bestsellerWe: How to Increase Performance and Profits Through Full Engagement. He has delivered his message to the US Marines, Fortune 500 Companies and non-profits. www.kevinkruse.com @Kruse
  49. Alexandra Lajoux – Chief knowledge officer (CKO) at the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD). She has more than 30 years of experience as a senior writer and editor of newsletters, articles, and books. During this time, she has worked with hundreds of influential leaders, including corporate directors, senior executives, institutional investors, academics, and leading professionals in accounting, finance, management, and law. www.nacdonline.org @arlajoux
  50. Par Larshans – Chief Sustainability Officer, Max Burgers, a Swedish, family owned fast-food company founded in 1968. As well as his work at Max, Pär also lectures on behalf of the Swedish foreign ministry/Swedish Institute. In this capacity, he works with leaders from China, Russia and many other countries on sustainable leadership in both business and society. www.maxburgers.com@PLarshans
  51. Mats Lederhausen – Founder of Because, Mats spent many years as Joint Venture Partner and Senior Executive of McDonald’s Corporation. His company focuses on building businesses with “a purpose bigger than their products.” Brands that have a strong conviction around why they exist and whom they exist to serve will end up attracting better employees and more loyal customers and therefore ultimately be more successful. www.be-cause.com @matsleder
  52. Patrick Lencioni – A New York Times bestselling author, speaker and consultant with over two decades of experience working with CEOs and their executive teams. Lencioni is founder and president of The Table Group, a consulting firm dedicated to building healthy organizations. He is the author of The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Businesswww.tablegroup.com@patricklencioni
  53. Ernst Ligteringen – CEO, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), an international organization with a mission to make sustainability reporting standard practice, driving its vision of a sustainable global economy. Ligteringen has been Chief Executive of GRI since 2002, when GRI was established as an independent organization with an international Secretariat in Amsterdam. www.globalreporting.org@ELigteringen
  54. Greg Link – Co-founder, President and CDO (Chief Deal-making Officer) of CoveyLink, Link has taught Principle Centered Leadership and advised executive clients at numerous leading enterprises, including Hewlett Packard, U.S. Navy Resale, U.S. Navy Supply, Sony, Chevron Oil, San Diego Gas and Electric, IBM, Microsoft, and numerous other organizations. He is the co-author, with Stephen M.R. Covey ofSmart Trust: Creating Prosperity, Energy, and Joy in a Low-Trust Worldwww.coveylink.com@CoveyLink
  55. Linda Locke – Principal of Reputare Consulting, a firm that helps organizations understand how they are perceived, and what they can do about it via ethics, transparency, trust and integrity. She conceptualized, created and led the global corporate reputation practice for MasterCard Worldwide as Group Head and Senior Vice President. Linda is a leader in the use of business intelligence to predict and mitigate eroding levels of trust. www.reputareconsulting.com @Reputationista
  56. L. Hunter Lovins – President and Founder Natural Capital Solutions, Hunter has played an active role in educating senior decision-makers in business, government, & civil society to restore & enhance natural & human capital while increasing prosperity & quality of life. She has consulted for companies like Clif Bar, Wal-Mart, the Pentagon, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. She has co-authored nine books, including Natural Capitalism with Paul Hawken.www.natcapsolutions.org @hlovins
  57. Eric Lowitt – A student and teacher of competitive strategy, collaboration and sustainability. He is the author of The Future of Value: How Sustainability Creates Value Through Competitive Differentiation. Eric has led Accenture’s sustainability research program, and served as Specialist Master in Deloitte Consulting LLP’s sustainability practice. www.ericlowitt.com @ericlowitt
  58. James Lukaszewski – The trusted strategic advisor leaders call during crisis, disaster, reputation attacks, contentiousness and when the boss’s reputation is at stake. Lukaszewski’s strategies inspire management behavior toward constructive, ethical problem resolving. His newest book Lukaszewski On Crisis Communication: What Your CEO Needs to Know About Reputation Risks and Crisis Management.www.e911.com @Jimlukaszewski
  59. Amy Lyman – Author of The Trustworthy Leader, she has spent close to thirty years studying organizations and groups, seeking to understand what helps some groups to thrive while others stall and fall apart. Her current focus is on the key contributions of trustworthy leaders to the creation and support of successful groups and organizations. In 1991, Amy co-founded the Great Place to Work Institute®. www.trustworthyleader.org
  60. Chris MacDonald – An Associate Professor at the Ted Rogers School of Management in Toronto, Canada. The focus of his teaching is primarily Business Ethics, though he is also the co-author of a best-selling textbook on Critical Thinking. He has published widely in business ethics, professional ethics, health-care ethics and moral philosophy. For many years, he has been the author of The Business Ethics Blog, the world’s #1 blog on that topic. www.businessethicsblog.com@ethicsblogger
  61. Edward Marshall – Senior Partner in Organizational Leadership at the Center for Creative Leadership, based in Greensboro, NC. His work focuses on cultural transformation in national and global businesses and organizations, and working with senior executives to develop leadership strategies to address business challenges. Mr. Marshall’s trust work focuses on creating and coaching collaborative executive teams. His latest book is Building Trust at the Speed of Changewww.ccl.org
  62. Susan Mazza – As the CEO of Clarus Consulting Group, Susan is a leadership coach and organizational change facilitator. With her unique understanding of human systems and an unquenchable thirst to unlock the potential of the human spirit, she has worked successfully with many types and sizes of organizations and with people around the world including: Fortune 500, small and medium sized businesses, non-profits as well as k-12 schools and districts. She is one of the co-authors of The Character-Based Leaderwww.randomactsofleadership.com @SusanMazza
  63. Susan McPherson – Senior vice president at Fenton, the nation’s leading public interest communications firm, Susan focuses on corporate responsibility programs for the firm’s clientele and regularly writes and speaks on sustainability communications and the value of public/private partnerships. She also is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative. www.fenton.com @susanmcp1
  64. James McRitchie – Publisher of CorpGov.net, a popular corporate governance portal since 1995. His articles have appeared in Business Ethics, The Corporate Board, Corporate Secretary, and International Corporate Governance. McRitchie is frequently quoted in the press and has addressed audiences in Asia and Europe, funded by business associations, the Asian Development Bank and the U.S. State Department. His proxy access petition to the SEC with Les Greenberg is credited with moving that issue forward in 2002.  www.corpgov.net @corpgovnet
  65. Philip Mirvis – Organizational psychologist whose research and private consulting centers on large-scale organizational change and the impact of business on society. Author of The Cynical Americans (on public trust) and Beyond Good Company (on CSR). Research fellow at Boston College. www.bc.edu
  66. Monika Mitchell – Founder and CEO of Good Business International, and an internationally known business ethics and women’s leadership expert. She is a member of the United Nations Global Compact and founding member of the NGO Values & Business Working Group where she focuses on economic empowerment for women in developing nations. She founded Good Business International, Inc. (Good-b) in 2008 based on her deep belief in the need for 21st century business to become a social force for good. www.good-b.com @Monika_Mitchell
  67. Gretchen Morgenson – Assistant business and financial editor and a columnist at The New York Times. She has covered the world financial markets for The Times since joining the paper in May 1998 and won the Pulitzer Prize in 2002 for her “trenchant and incisive” coverage of Wall Street. In 2010, Ms. Morgenson won the 2010 Elliott V. Bell Award for her contributions to the field of financial journalism. Her most recent book is Reckless Endangerment: How Outsized Ambition, Greed, and Corruption Led to Economic Armageddonwww.nytimes.com
  68. Brian Moriarty – Adjunct Professor of Management Communications Darden School of Business and the Director at the Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics where he leads the Project on Public Trust in Business. www.corporate-ethics.org @brianmoriarty42
  69. Kevin Moss – As Head of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives for BT in North America for both internal and external stakeholders, Kevin is passionate about the role of CSR in organizations, and shares his thoughts regularly on his widely read blog, CSR Perspectives. He engages with his readers to discuss the burning issues within this practice. www.csrperspective.com @KevinMoss
  70. Mike Paul – Considered one of the top crisis public relations and reputation management consultants in the corporate world. Business Week Magazine termed him the “Master of Disaster” for his counsel in leading corporate clients in times of trouble. He is not about “spin” but rather assisting clients in building trustworthy business behavior, integrity and character in communications and corporate behavior. www.mgppr.com @reputationdr
  71. Don Peppers – A Founding Partner at Peppers & Rogers Group, and author, with Martha Rogers, Ph.D., of nine best-selling business books on customer strategy and relationship management. Their latest isExtreme Trust: Honesty as a Competitive Advantagewww.peppersandrogersgroup.com@DonPeppers
  72. Tom Peters – Credited with almost single handedly inventing the “management guru”” industry. Co-authored In Search of Excellence. His most recent book, The Little Big Things: 163 Ways to Pursue Excellencewww.tompeters.com @tom_peters
  73. Paul Polman – CEO, Unilever. Paul serves as President of the Kilimanjaro Blind Trust and Chairman of Perkins International Advisory Board. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Also, he is on the Board of the Consumer Goods Forum where he co-chairs the Board Strategy and Sustainability Committees. www.unilever.com
  74. Roy Reid – A Partner at Consensus Communications, Roy is the author of a program called Outrageous Trust, which provides a simple, useable and practical system to earn, build, cultivate, repair and restore trust. He has identified strategies to manage risk from the inside out and applied these with his clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurs and public agencies.www.onmessage.com
  75. Laura Rittenhouse – President of Rittenhouse Rankings Inc, a CEO advisory and investor relations company that conducts an annual benchmark survey of CEO candor. This research shows that companies consistently striving to promote candor will typically gain competitive advantage and superior market performance. Rittenhouse is the author of Buffett’s Bites and Do Business with People You Can Trustwww.rittenhouserankings.com
  76. Judith Samuelson – Executive Director Business and Society Program, Aspen Institute. A leading public policy advocate with a background in business, public-private partnerships, philanthropy, her work focuses on the role and impact of business in society, and strategies to align business, and business schools, with the long term health of society. www.aspenBSP.org @JudySamuelson
  77. Carol Sanford – Has lead major consulting efforts in both Fortune 500 and new-economy businesses for more than 30 years, Carol believes that business can and will play a major role in creating a better world. She is the author of The Responsible Business: Reimagining Sustainability and Success.www.carolsanford.com @carolsanford
  78. Donald H. Schepers – Director, Robert Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity, Baruch College ZCCI serves as a forum for discussion of a broad range of contemporary issues confronting US corporations and capital markets including: transparency of corporate reporting, corporate governance, examining legal and ethical corporate behavior, spotlighting executive accountability, corporate responsibility in global business development, risk assessment and amelioration, resolving conflicting corporate stakeholder interests, and evaluating the role of governmental regulation.zicklin.baruch.cuny.edu/faculty/profiles/schepers.html
  79. Howard Schultz – CEO of Starbucks. Asked the secret of his success, Schultz recounts four principles: “Don’t be threatened by people smarter than you. Compromise anything but your core values. Seek to renew yourself even when you are hitting home runs. And everything matters.” www.starbucks.com
  80. Jeffrey Seglin – Lecturer in Public Policy, writes “The Right Thing,” a weekly column on general ethics that has been syndicated by Tribune Media Services since September 2010. From 2004 through 2010, he wrote an ethics column distributed by The New York Times Syndicate. He is the author of The Right Thing: Conscience, Profit and Personal Responsibility in Today’s Businessjeffreyseglin.blogspot.com
  81. Dov Seidman – Founder and CEO of LRN, a company that helps businesses develop ethical corporate cultures and inspire principled performance, and pioneer around the idea that the most principled businesses are the most profitable and sustainable. He is the author of HOW: Why HOW We Do Anything Means Everything…in Business (and in Life)www.lrn.com @DovSeidman
  82. Dr. Pamela Shockley-Zalabak – Chancellor and Professor of Communication at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. One of three authors of Building the High Trust Organization: Strategies for Supporting Five Key Dimensions of Trustwww.uccs.edu
  83. Ron Shaich – Founder, Chairman and Co-CEO of Panera Bread. Thirty years ago, Ron set out to change the world by changing the way America eats. He shook up the industry by offering the antithesis to fast food- hand made, artisan food served in warm and welcoming environments by people you can trust.www.ronshaich.com
  84. Aman Singh – Editorial Director of CSRwire, Singh is a CSR practitioner, experienced journalist and social media strategist. She is the founder of Singh Solutions, offering research and advisory services on corporate social responsibility strategy, sustainable business practices, employee engagement and communications. www.csrwire.com @AmanSinghCSR
  85. Andrew Sobel – Leading authority on client relationships and client loyalty. Author of All for One: 10 Strategies for Building Trusted Client Partnerships—voted one of the top 10 professional services sales and marketing books of the decade. www.andrewsobel.com
  86. Frank Sonnenberg – Marketing strategist and founder of Sonnenberg & Partners. Author of over 300 articles and four books including Managing with a Conscience: How to Improve Performance Through Integrity, Trust, and Commitment, (2nd ed.) Industry Week selected the first edition as one of the top ten business books of the year. www.franksonnenbergonline.com @FSonnenberg
  87. John Spence – Leading authority in the areas of strategic thinking, high-performance teams, advanced leadership development, and delivering consistently superior customer service. In the past year, John has presented programs on his 7 C’s of Leadership to over 50,000 people to help aspiring leaders understand that trustworthy business behavior is a fundamental aspect of being an effective leader. Author of Awesomely Simple-essential business strategies for turning ideas into action.www.johnspence.com @AwesomelySimple
  88. Dave Stangis – Vice President, CSR/Sustainability at Campbell Soup Company. Responsible for designing and leading Campbell’s overarching CSR/Sustainability strategy. He heads a global CSR Network organization and oversees the development of CSR and Sustainability goals, policies, programs, engagement and reporting for the company. www.campbellsoupcompany.com/csr@DaveStangis
  89. Robert Sutton – Professor of Management Science and Engineering at Stanford. He studies innovation, the links between knowledge and organizational action, and most recently, workplace assholes. He works with organizations and managers of all kinds, from People magazine, to Procter & Gamble, to National Football League executives. His newest book is The No Asshole Rule: Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One That Isn’t. His personal blog is Work Matters@work_matters
  90. Davia Temin – The Founder of Temin & Co., Davia is a marketing, media and reputation strategist, crisis manager and coach. She serves as the spokesperson for major organizations during crisis, coaches numerous global CEOs, is a frequent and popular public speaker, and advises worldwide corporations on the strategic direction of their women’s councils. Davia has appeared as a guest on every major network in the US, and numerous local and national television shows around the world.www.teminandcompany.com @DaviaTemin
  91. Jeffrey Thomson – President and CEO of the IMA, the worldwide association for accountants and financial professionals working in business. He is considered an expert on risk management, and a global thought leader in the emerging area of GRC – governance, risk and compliance. He is quoted as saying “Make values your anchor.” www.imanet.org
  92. Linda Fisher Thornton – A leadership development consultant and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Leadership at the University of Richmond’s School of Professional and Continuing Studies. She is researching, blogging and speaking about how to lead responsibly in a global society. Her focus is on building high-trust work places where employees can do their best work.www.LeadinginContext.com @leadingincontxt
  93. Robert Vanourek – Has served as CEO of New York Stock Exchange companies during his thirty-year business career. As the former CEO, Bob guided Sensormatic and Recognition Equipment through successful turnarounds. Bob is co-author, with his son Gregg, of Triple Crown Leadership: Building Excellent, Ethical and Enduring Organizations, a 2012 USA Best Book Awards finalist. He is Chairman Emeritus of the Vail Leadership Institute. www.triplecrownleadership.com @BobVanourek
  94. Curtis Verschoor – Following a successful financial career as the corporate controller of Colgate Palmolive Company, Mr. Verschoor now volunteers for professional organizations and serves on the board of several nonprofits. He is a founding member of the Institute of Management Accountant’s Committee on Ethics and has played an instrumental role in developing their business ethics thought leadership. curtisverschoor@sbcglobal.net
  95. Dr. Wayne Visser – Founder and Director of the think-tank CSR International and the author/editor of twelve books. In 2010, Wayne completed a 20 country “CSR Quest” World Tour, to share best practices in corporate sustainability and responsibility. www.csrinternational.org @WayneVisser
  96. David J. Vogel – Professor of Political Science at the Haas School of Business at Berkeley. Vogel’s research focuses on business-government relations with a particular emphasis on the comparative and international dimensions of health, safety, and environmental regulation, and corporate social responsibility. He teaches classes on international private and public regulation, business ethics and corporate social responsibility, environmental policy and management, and business and politics. He is also the author of The Politics of Precaution: Regulating Health, Safety, and Environmental Risks in Europe and the United Statesvcresearch.berkeley.edu/david-j-vogel
  97. Toby Webb – Founder and Chairman of Ethical Corporation. He is also co-founder of Stakeholder Intelligence Ltd., a training and research company, working with large companies globally. He teaches corporate responsibility at Birkbeck College and runs a well-known blogspot. tobywebb.blogspot.com@tobiaswebb76
  98. Robert Whipple – The CEO of Leadergrow Incorporated, an organization devoted to the development of leaders. Also known as “The TRUST Ambassador,” Bob is a nationally recognized consultant, author and teacher, and an expert at helping organizations build higher levels of TRUST. He speaks on leadership and the development of trust and teaches at several universities. Author of three books including,Leading with Trust is like Sailing Downwindwww.leadergrow.com @Rwhipple
  99. Bill Wiersma – Founder and principal of Wiersma and Associates, a management consulting and training firm. Bill is a trusted advisor to executive leadership on senior team development and organizational culture. Wiersma is the author of The Power of Professionalism: The Seven Mind-Sets that Drive Performance and Build Trustwww.wiersmaandassociates.com @TPOP_BWiersma
  100. Paul Root Wolpe – The Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Bioethics, the Raymond F. Schinazi Distinguished Research Chair in Jewish Bioethics, a Professor in the Departments of Medicine, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Sociology, and the Director of the Center for Ethics at Emory University. Dr. Wolpe also serves as the first Senior Bioethicist for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), where he is responsible for formulating policy on bioethical issues and safeguarding research subjects. He has won the World Technology Network Award in Ethics, has been featured in a TED talk, and was profiled in the November, 2011 Atlantic Magazine as a “Brave Thinker of 2011.” Dr. Wolpe has been feature on 60 Minutes and with a personal profile in the Science Times of the New York Times.ethics.emory.edu/people/Director.html @parowol

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