Audio Friday: Robert A. G. Monks Shares Corporate Governance Resources

Robert Monks

I’ve received praise before: CII said my petition to the SEC on proxy access “re-energized” the debate on that subject, Lexis-Nexis subscribers listed my site among the top 25 business blogs and the NACD put me on a list of “people to watch.”

However, never have I felt so honored as when I heard Bob Monks publicly list my website ( and my twitter account (corpgovnet) among resources worth following. If I were an actor, it would be like getting acknowledgement from Daniel Day-Lewis and Meryl Streep! And to top it off, to be in such company as those other resources Bob mentions! Wow! 2013 is starting out rather nicely. I’d better ask my wife to give me a smack, so my head doesn’t get too big.

Thank you Bob and thank you Usman Hayat for asking Bob about these learning resources. I’ve got a lot of links on my Links+, classes and conferences pages but even after 17 years of cataloging, Bob named a several that were new to me. More teachable moments. I’ve added them to my list and hope readers will notify me of others.

Read The Best Learning Resources on Corporate Governance: Robert A. G. Monks Shares His Picks (Podcast) but also be sure to listen to the podcast, since not all the resources Bob Monks provides are listed out by Usman Hayat.

See also, Storming the boardroom: Sound, fury and little else by Janet McFarland at Toronto’s The Globe and Mail, Jan. 23 2013.

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