GMI Analyst Updated: Webinar January 31

GMI Ratings announced today the launch of an enhanced version of its flagship product, GMI Analyst, an integrated web-based platform providing research on environmental, social, governance (ESG) and accounting-related risks affecting the performance of public companies. According to Ric Marshall, GMI Ratings’ Chief Analyst and Director of Development,

The features we added to GMI Analyst make this research platform more broadly relevant to all the market segments we serve, to all students of issuer risk. In particular, the new features bring new depth industry-focused research, which remains one of the most important approaches to stock selection and portfolio management. We also enhanced the user interface, making it more intuitive and streamlined.


Brian Grzymski, Sales Manager, and Greg Ruel, Client Service Representative, will host a second webinar to demo the new GMI Analyst research platform. The first was held 29 January. The second webinar will be held on January 31, 2013 at 10am EST / 3pm GMT. GMI Ratings clients and trial users will not want to miss. Sorry for that late notice on

New features in GMI Analyst include:

1.       New ESG Sector Ratings

In addition to the existing global and home-market ESG ratings, the new component rating tables will also show how the company ranks within its sector. Just as analysts focused on a particular country or region often find the existing home-market ratings more helpful than global rankings, these new ratings should appeal to sector analysts in particular. 

2.       Individual ESG KeyMetric & Component Rating Impacts

The new component rating tables will now show the relative negative impact on scoring for each global component rating, improving transparency and providing users with a clearer sense of the relative importance of each component in a specific company’s risk profile. The same relative impact figures will also be shown for each individual ESG KeyMetric.

3.       New ESG Peer Groups

A new Peers page will replace the existing Competitors page, providing consistent peer-group comparisons. In addition to industry-classification criteria, peer selection now incorporates market cap proximity to create more meaningful peer groupings. These same new peer groups will also be used in the evaluation of executive pay and other KeyMetrics.

4.       New ESG Historical Rating Charts

These new charts will show a twelve-month company-specific ESG rating history, where available. The charts will also show the average global ESG rating for all companies in the sector.

5.       Consolidated ESG Analysis

This new release will consolidate all company-specific analytical text on the opening ESG Analysis page to eliminate the need for users to scan multiple pages.

6.       New Advanced Search & Download Tools

The new Advanced Search page offers dramatically enhanced features, allowing subscribers to search the database on a broad range of search criteria, including basic company information, industry classification, ESG and AGR scores as well as ratings based on GMI Ratings’ litigation and financial distress risk models.

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