Video Friday: Brown Dog Consulting

I recently ran across a group of cute but informative videos from Brown Dog Consulting, located near Ottawa. I’m a sucker for simple line drawn cartoons. Susan Mogensen has a great ability to boil down the message to its essence. These are short quick takes, often focusing on a single principle. Here’s a hint of the type of client she’s after:

Looking to escape governance dysfunction? Need your company or organization to make more progress? Want accountability and compliance, without all the red tape and frustration? Visit  Brown Dog Consulting for more tips and info!

Here’s a few of her recent posts. Enjoy.

A look at the root of the main problem with governance today, in response to a Jan. 24, 2013 Globe and Mail article about Bob Monks by Janet McFarland, “Storming the boardroom: Sound, fury and little else.” (Report on Business section, page B8). See also, What is Governance? Opinions, ideas expressed in this video were formed and influenced by Policy Governance® principles. Policy Governance was designed by Dr. John Carver and is in use by boards of all types around the world.

Are you still playing “Mother, May I?” with your board? Here’s another way. Ideas based on the thinking behind the Policy Governance system.

Basics on how to write a monitoring report when using the Policy Governance system.

Have you heard about Policy Governance, and would like to understand how it works? Looking for a way to overcome all-too-common board challenges? Policy Governance 101 is a full-day workshop presented by Brown Dog Consulting and facilitated by Susan Mogensen. See also, “What is Policy Governance?” For upcoming dates and locations, please contact Susan at 1-877-847-4552 or e-mail

And many more.

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