Video Friday – Corporate Speech: The Role of Corporations in Lobbying and Influencing Policy

Moderator: Jesse Eisinger, reporter at ProPublica, covering Wall Street and finance. Panelists: Martin Redish, NU Law; Robert A. Weinberger, Senior Fellow, Aspen Institute Initiative on Financial Security; former VP Government Relations, H&R Block; Chairman, Center for Responsive Politics; Lynn Stout, Cornell Law; Nell Minow, founder of GMI Ratings and co-founder and editor of the Corporate Library, a research firm for oversight on corporations and executive compensation.

(00:00) Welcome from journalist Jesse Eisinger, moderator
(03:00) Introduction on corporate speech in the financial sector: Jesse Eisinger
(05:30) First Amendment and the Citizens United decision: Martin Redish
(13:37) Distinctions between corporations and executives: Nell Minow
(20:32) Why corporations should be allowed to use money for speech: Lynn Stout
(29:11) Does corporate lobbying have value? Robert Weinberger
(44:45) Challenging the notion that corporations have constitutional free speech rights: Audience question and response from Martin Redish
(53:19) Is it possible to legally limit speech? Lynn Stout
(56:24) What are the obstacles to congress policing themselves in certain areas? Robert Weinberger and panel
(59:21) On CEOs determining the political direction of a corporation; and disclosure: Panel
(1:04:13) Audience Q&A

From the Kellogg-Aspen Conference on Rethinking ‘Shareholder Value’ and the Purpose of the Corporation, March 8, 2013. See also: Video Friday: David Langstaff on Tomorrow’s Corporation. Plenty of grist for thought at this conference.

Kellogg School of Management/Aspen Institute Business and Society Conference: March 7 to 8, 2013

That’s all folks.

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