Video Friday: Kalpona Akter Presents McRitchie's Proposal at WalMart

walmart_logo_214x54Kalpona Akter, a former child worker in the Bangladesh garment industry, is now an activist for worker safety in her country. At Walmart’s 2013 Annual Shareholders Meeting, Kalpona addressed the Board of Directors and shareholders about the horrible conditions many garment workers are exposed to in Walmart’s supply chain. She called on Walmart to take action and sign the Bangladesh fire safety accord, to prevent tragedies like the recent factory fires and building collapses that claimed so many lives.

Ms. Akter was able to attend the WalMart meeting because she was presenting my proposal #5, which would give shareowners holding 10% of outstanding common stock the right to call a special meeting. I think this worked out quite well. Ms. Akter was able to bring much more attention to the cause of garment workers and it also increased awareness of my proposal. I file quite a few proposals each year at many companies and would be happy to allow other labor or environmental activists to present my proposals in future. Please keep this in mind.

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