Selected Tweets From ICGN 2013 in New York

ICGNUnfortunately, I got sick in New York, so missed the entire second day of ICGN 2013. Several weeks later, I am still recovering and am way behind in my other work, so any real comments I have on the conference will be long delayed. In the meantime, here are a few selected tweets.

They aren’t in order. Some may be retweets. Nothing guaranteed here re authenticity or links that work but I found them interesting and hope you will as well. I’ve edited out some duplicates but some may remain.  It was a great program.

laurajfinnlaurajfinn ‏@laurajfinn2m Spotted near the mic: @dougchia about to ask shareholder engagement panel a ? at #ICGN13. Go get em, Doug.

Corporate GovernanceCorporate Governance ‏@CorpGovLeaders4m Q&A #ICGN13: Portfolio managers should participate in governance engagements w/ board members: 46%Strong Agree 37%Agree 17%Disagree #CorpGov

T&GT&G ‏@T_Governanca5m 80%concordam que gestores devem liderar dialogo com conselhos #ICGN13 #corpgov

NASDAQ OMX NASDAQ OMX @NASDAQOMX7m  “Our wish is ESG reporting becomes as standard, actionable & ubiquitous as financial reporting” Evan Harvey #NasdaqGreen #dreamBIG #ICGN13

Corporate Governance ‏@CorpGovLeaders41m Q&A #ICGN13: Reporting and disclosure of #ESG should be: 53% Mandated /44% Required on a comply or explain basis /3% Kept voluntary #CorpGov

Corporate GovernanceCorporate Governance ‏@CorpGovLeaders7m RT @ICGNCorpGov Millstein shares: in Canada they are developing shareholder engagement protocols. Someone to share it using #ICGN13 #CorpGov

ICGN ICGN @ICGNCorpGov11m [Pic] RT @johndjarrett A true mega-panel on director-shareholder engagement moderated by… Ira Millstein #ICGN13   View photoEmbedded image permalink

Stephen DavisStephen Davis ‏@SMDavisCorpGov15m  Engagement panel story: Q to directors: want to meet investors? Response: laughter #ICGN13 #corpgov

Govern&LeadGovern&Lead ‏@Govern_and_Lead18m  Daum: Direct board/shareholder engagement work in progress; uneven uptake. Dir. q’s: speak vs. listen, mgmt chaperone/not, topics #ICGN13

John JarrettJohn Jarrett ‏@johndjarrett27m A true mega-panel on director-shareholder engagement moderated by National Treasure, Ira Millstein #ICGN13

Fay FeeneyFay Feeney ‏@fayfeeney31m Integrate Integrated reporting! RT @sosborne4@fayfeeney #ICGN13 Why so many integrated reporting bodies? Crazy duplication of effort.

Stephen DavisStephen Davis ‏@SMDavisCorpGov35m 85% at #ICGN13 say ESG under reporting leads to capital misallocation

Stephen DavisStephen Davis ‏@SMDavisCorpGov38m How ICGN has changed! 54% at #ICGN13 back mandatory ESG reporting #corpgov

clgovernanceclgovernance ‏@clgovernance39m #ICGN13 No agreement between attendees on the issue if major sustainability reporting initiatives are complementary or not

John JarrettJohn Jarrett ‏@johndjarrett44m International reporting standards on #sustainability important, but so is investor awareness and action #ICGN13

ICGN ICGN @ICGNCorpGov50m Investor and sustainability professionals — time for us to learn each other’s language. #ESG #ICGN13


John JarrettJohn Jarrett ‏@johndjarrett50m Consistent reporting through international standards needed for sustainable markets #ICGN13

Fay FeeneyFay Feeney ‏@fayfeeney52m Be still my heart! In the room with Ira Millstein. National treasure. #ICGN13

Corporate GovernanceCorporate Governance ‏@CorpGovLeaders52m MT @HarvardCorpGov New on Harvard’s #CorpGov Forum: Activist Shareholders in the US: A Changing Landscape,  #ICGN13

ICGN ICGN @ICGNCorpGov58m #ESG License to operate. Companies use resources of the planet. We need to know about it. #ICGN13

Douglas K. ChiaDouglas K. Chia ‏@dougchia1h What’s at the top of #ICGN13 #ESG panel’s wish list? 3 words: International reporting standards

Douglas K. ChiaDouglas K. Chia ‏@dougchia1h Corp motivation to up #ESG game: existence of in-house susty teams, desire to be included in discussion/indexes, emergence of stds. #ICGN13

ICGN ICGN @ICGNCorpGov1h  Allocating capital efficiently requires information. Bloomberg will continue their investment in providing #ESG data. #ICGN13

ICGN ICGN @ICGNCorpGov1h  #ICGN13 Gathering the data is the difficult issue for #ESG reporting. A strong advocate in leadership is essential. @NASDAQ Evan Harvey

Stephen DavisStephen Davis ‏@SMDavisCorpGov20 Jun  Most progressive guidelines yet on fund governance due for #icgn13 vote 6/26/13  #corpgov

WPWAM WPWAM @WillauerProsky19 Jun  Glorious. “Taking #CorpGov To The Next Level” MT “@SMDavisCorpGov: Speech re investor license to operate #icgn13 

Stephen DavisStephen Davis ‏@SMDavisCorpGov19 Jun  Speech re investor license to operate #icgn13 #corpgov 

Stephen DavisStephen Davis ‏@SMDavisCorpGov18 Jun Investors need accountability code for ‘license to operate’ #ICGN13 #corpgov 

Douglas K. ChiaDouglas K. Chia ‏@dougchia18 Jun  @ICGNCorpGov: TIAA-CREF to Host ICGN’s Annual Meeting ‘Challenging the Accepted Orthodoxy’ in New York  #ICGN13

Governance CommunityGovernance Community ‏@Govcommunity18 Jun MT @ICGNCorpGov Annual Conference registration page available here: … – use #ICGN13 & tweet about it! #CorpGov

2020 Women on Boards2020 Women on Boards ‏@2020WOB14 Jun @santiagochaher TY! #FF #ICGN13 @johndjarrett @SMDavisCorpGov @Competia @CorpSecMag @barsallocarlos @sosborne4 @KBNemeth @kirstinferguson

TIAA-CREFTIAA-CREF ‏@TC_Talks14 Jun RT @ICGNCorpGov #ICGN13 will be the official hashtag for @ICGNCorpGov‘s Annual Conference hosted by @TC_Talks in NYC June 26-28

Corporate GovernanceCorporate Governance ‏@CorpGovLeaders5 Jun MT @NYSEEuronext This Week in the Boardroom: @cutlerscott & Michele Edkins, @blackrock discuss #corpgov & #ICGN13 – 

Mark P. BormanMark P. Borman ‏@MPBorman30 May TY RT @WillauerProsky Int’l CorpGov Network Meets in US: Goals/Takeaways … @Boardmember @ICGNCorpGov #corpgov #ICGN13

ICGN ICGN @ICGNCorpGov30 May ICGN members, don’t forget to view and download our AGM papers available now on our website! … #ICGN13  #CorpGov

Robert J. Tannous ‏@BobTannous27 Jun  RT @SMDavisCorpGov: Market should rally behind historic CII call for majority voting listing rule #corpgov #icgn13 
Kirstin Ferguson ‏@kirstinferguson26 Jun Very happy to be ‘virtually present’ in NYC. MT “@CorpGovLeaders: @johndjarrett Leading tweeterers for #ICGN13 
ICGN ‏@ICGNCorpGov28 Jun  @ICGNCorpGov would like to thank Fay Feeney @fayfeeney & Santiago Chaher @CorpGovLeaders for leading our #SocialMedia strategy at #ICGN13
Paola Gutierrez V ‏@paogutierrezv28 Jun Sustainable strategy should never be divorce from business strategy according 2 PepsiCo CEO/Chairman #ICGN13 @CorpGovLeaders @fayfeeney
Matthew Orsagh ‏@MattOrsagh27 Jun #corpgov #ICGN13: Ethics: new generation of customers and shareowners expect new way of doing business. Profit should not come at any price
Nell Minow ‏@nminow27 Jun  #ICGN13 attendees — for free copies of two @MiniverPress books on #corpgov email + ask for Kindle or PDF
John Jarrett ‏@johndjarrett27 Jun Only 11% of attendees at #ICGN13 say combined Chair/CEO is best. Most say never combine or only combine in special circumstances. #corpgov
Murninghan Post ‏@MurnPost27 Jun Yes! A genius, and prince of a guy. RT @dougchia: Former NYS Governor recommends we all read A. Hirschman at #ICGN13,_Voice,_and_Loyalty .
Paul Hodgson ‏@pghwrites27 Jun Abercrombie & Fitch: Is It All Really About The Corporate Jet? . All @ #ICGN13 need to tell $ANF how to win next year #ICGN13 – New York City (with images, tweets) · fayfeeney
Douglas K. ChiaDouglas K. Chia ‏@dougchia2 Jul RT @laurajfinn: @PepsiCo CEO shares 5 ways to change #corpgov culture at #ICGN13 via @boardmember 
ICGN ‏@ICGNCorpGov8 Jul The Cape Town agenda and registration is now on our website. Check it out: … #ESG #ICGN13
Stephen Davis ‏@SMDavisCorpGov27 Ju  Just 11% of #ICGN2013 delegates say combined chair/CEO model is best #corpgov
Nell Minow ‏@nminow27 Jun  #ICGN2013 “It used to be Augusta and the boardroom. Now it’s just the boardroom.” Anne Sheehan on lack of board diversity. #corpgov
Nell Minow ‏@nminow27 Jun #ICGN2013 Was Marty Lipton mansplaining to the shareholders here by telling us we follow activists and ISS blindly? #corpgov
Brian Barnier ‏@Brian_Barnier27 Jun ICGN releases investor perspective on performance-driven risk management (not just compliance) #ICGN2013 
Amy Borrus ‏@amyborrus27 Jun Great support at #ICGN2013 for CII’s petitions at NYSE, Nasdaq to require listed companies to elect directors by majority vote #corpgov
Nell Minow ‏@nminow26 Jun #icgn2013 presiding over our challenge of the accepted orthodoxy.
James McRitchie ‏@corpgovnet28 Jun #socialmedia gets a shout out on shareholder engagement. Applause. #ICGN13 see future at  #corpgov
James McRitchie ‏@corpgovnet27 Jun #ICGN13 bad exec pay a symptoms of other problem. Nordic countries no CEO in castle as King. Shareholders nominate. #corpgov
James McRitchie ‏@corpgovnet27 Jun #ICGN13 Lipton 1 shareholder can muster voting power of investors that control against company’s opinion #corpgov
James McRitchie ‏@corpgovnet27 Jun #ICGN13 History of dual-class companies is not that attractive — Lipton #corpgov
James McRitchie ‏@corpgovnet27 Jun  @ICGNCorpgov Lipton says because of time constraints, it is difficult for directors to serve on more than one committee. #corpgov
James McRitchie ‏@corpgovnet27 Jun  @ICGNCorpgov Roger Ferguson TIAA-CREF calls for stronger processes but also values, the software of governance #corpgov multiple paths


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