Video Friday: SVDX Upcoming Event – Got Technology Chops?

SVDXIf you don’t speak Geek, you’re not a competent director.

Have you heard of “Big Data,” but aren’t sure what it really means (or how much it has to do with your industry)? Do you keep seeing articles about cyber-security, but couldn’t describe the difference between SQL-injection and a brute-force (hacking) attack, if your life depended on it? Have you seen the Google self-driving car, but wonder how that could possibly matter to your company (especially in the next five years)? Are you, as they say, somewhat “technically challenged,” but good at what you do and feel content to rely on one of your fellow directors to be the digital media and/or technology guru for the board?

When: Thursday, September 19, 2013, 7:30-8:00 Continental Breakfast, 8:00-9:30 Program

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Where: Paul Brest Hall-EAST (next to Stanford Law School), Rock Center for Corporate Governance, Stanford, CA.

The average director is not technically sophisticated (even in places like Silicon Valley), and increasingly this might be a serious mistake — both for the director and the company and shareholders he or she serves. Whether this lack of technical sophistication might cause you to breach your duty of care as a director is now an emerging debate about how much directors really need to know about technology.

This review of how technologies are transforming security, pricing, logistics, production, innovation and customer service will give directors an idea about what is at stake as industries (even brick-and-mortars, agriculture, shipping and real estate) are recast by fundamental shifts in technology. In this session you’ll learn something about the technologies at hand, a bit more about how they are transforming industries and quite a lot about director duties in light of these changes.

The speaker will be Dan Siciliano, the faculty director of the Rock Center for Corporate Governance at Stanford University and a professor and associate dean at Stanford Law School.

I’m sorry to miss this one, since I will be attending The Future of Corporate Reform Public Funds Forum, September 17-19, Newport Coast, California. I wish I could attend both.

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