New Proxy Advisor in Australia Doesn't Ignore Retail

Vas Kolesnikoff

Vas Kolesnikoff

KOLESNIKOFF Governance touts itself as “the only professional provider of independent proxy voting and governance research on ASX listed companies and capital markets which is accessible by all investors.” According to their website:

We fill the void in professional corporate governance and proxy voting research available to Australia’s retail, self-funded and self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) investors, who have previously had no way to access costly reports prepared for institutional clients.

As in the US, current proxy advisors in Australia offer subscriptions services that cater only to institutional clients and fund managers, since subscribers must pay for advice on all issuers, even if they don’t own them.  This is part of the the problem which Mark Latham and I hope to address with our proposal for a proxy advisor contest at Cisco.

According to Kolesnikoff: 

Our independent research and thought leadership cuts to the chase on how a company is performing, how effectively it is being managed and provides an independent assessment of the company’s performance measurement practices which are meant to focus directors and executives on creating sustainable value for shareholders.   Investors cannot just rely on what directors, executives, analysts and financial advisers are telling them.   Our services are meant to be easily assessable by anyone on any budget.  We offer a subscription service, if that is easier, or you can download one or more reports from our Reports page anytime as you want them.

Everything is extremely cost effective (from just $7 for a Proxy Voting Report on the company of your choice).   You will get a better understanding of the governance issues which affect investment performance in ASX listed companies. You will also be able to make better decisions on investments you currently hold, or are thinking of buying.   Through our research, investors will be better placed to respond to the issues when companies ask their shareholders to vote on resolutions or transactions (for example, to support a placement or issue of new shares, to change the Constitution, M&A and related party transactions, to pay more performance based bonuses to executives or directors upon achieving their targets for shareholders, to elect directors, and so on).

We want the interests of all investors (from asset owners, fund managers and retail and SMSF shareholders) to be protected through our independent research and advocacy in pointing out governance issues impacting your investment risks.

Competition is good for the corporate governance industrial complex. We wish Kolesnikoff Governance a bright future.

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