Corporate Governance and Practices and Trends: Comparison of Large Public Companies and Silicon Valley Companies

FenwickIf you are investing in Silicon Valley companies, I recommend this report from Fenwick & West LLP. They have collected this data since 2003. It should be useful for Silicon Valley companies, other public companies for comparison purposes, advisors and investors.  

Fenwick’s annual survey covers a variety of corporate governance practices and data for the companies included in the Standard & Poor’s 100 Index (S&P 100), which are often presented as a desired norm, compared to the technology and life sciences companies included in the Silicon Valley 150 Index (SV 150).

Comparative data is presented for the S&P 100 companies and the SV 150, as well as trend information over the history of the survey. In a number of instances the report also presents data showing comparison of the top 15 (which are of a scale similar to the S&P 100), top 50, middle 50 and bottom 50 companies of the SV 150 (in terms of revenue), illustrating the impact of scale on the relevant governance practices.

Topics include:

  • Adoption of majority voting
  • Prevalence of stock ownership guidelines for executive officers
  • How equity ownership among executives and directors is changing
  • Gender diversity on corporate boards
  • How levels of stockholder activism vary by industry and company size
  • Trends in the number of executive officers based on company size

Request copy of the report.  Below are a few tweets (some abbreviated) I sent after reading it. 

Classified boards 11% @ SP100 45% @ SV150 Fenwick & West LLP

Maj Vote at S&P100 now 92% vs 40% at SV150 but similar adoption for larger size firms Fenwick & West LLP

At S&P100 20% women directors. At SV 150 9% Fenwick & West LLP

Almost 1/2 of Silicon V 150 had outside board chair … #corpgov lower than S&P 100

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