WD-40 Seeks Director of Investor Relations & Corporate Communication

WD-40WD-40 $WDFC is seeking a passionate and driven Director of Investor Relations & Corporate Communication who brings to the table broad and deep experience in finance and corporate communication engaging the investment community with confidence and poise. The position manages the entire quarterly earnings process including logistics, preparation of press releases, presentations, scripts, Q&A, supplementary schedules, and follow-up calls with institutional analysts and stockholders. 

In addition, this position is also responsible for stockholder services such as annual report development and delivery and management of annual or special stockholder meetings. The successful candidate will have strong written and verbal communication, extensive financial and investment market background, commanding physical presence and excellent public speaking ability in the area of investor relations. Critical to the success of this role is the ability to optimistically inspire and motivate the entire organization in discussions beyond today and rally support behind the Company vision.

The successful candidate will demonstrate the ability to represent and speak on behalf of the CEO when needed.

Investor Relations

  • Advise Corporate Controller, Corporate Council, CEO, CFO, and other members of the executive team on strategic matters of stockholder and stakeholder communication
  • Develop and maintain effective relationships and excellent written and verbal communication with research analysts, institutional investors, retail brokers, shareholders and others
  • Develop the investor relations annual plan including any investor social media planning activity
  • Schedule and attend road shows/conferences on behalf of CEO or CFO or co-present with CEO or CFO on company strategic or financial presentations
  • Oversee quarterly earnings calls including the creation of:

a)      quarterly press releases

b)      quarterly investor presentation

c)      quarterly earnings call scripts and Q&A

d)      supplementary financial and operational schedules

  • Provide counsel and feedback on quarterly and annual SEC filings
  • Provide quarterly competitive peer benchmarking by tracking and reporting comparative financial and operational metrics and highlighting relevant operational or market changes
  • Support the Corporate Controller, CFO and CEO by providing ad-hoc strategic, financial, competitive, and market study analyses
  • Manage the Company’s Investor Relations web site content
  • Plan and manage the Annual Shareholder meeting
  • Responsible for executing on the Company’s Proxy Production Process, the Annual Report, composing the CEO shareholder letter and the coordination of all aspects of the Annual Shareholder Meeting
  • Responsible for preparing quarterly reports to the board of directors on investor relations
  • Member of the Financial Reporting Disclosure Committee
  • Member of the Public Disclosure and Insider Trading Committee
  • Monitor stock market intelligence activities
  • Manage stock exchange relationships and compliance requirements
  • Manage transfer agent relationships – shareholder management, dividend process, and proxy voting- escheatment
  • Manage proxy solicitor relationship
  • Maintain Corporate Preparedness Handbook
  • Schedule one-on-one meeting with potential investors in-house

Corporate Communications

  • Assist the Corporate Controller, Corporate Counsel, CEO and the Board of Directors with the development and communication of the Company strategic message (beyond a financial snapshot communication)
  • Manage internal and external corporate communications in partnership with other departments to ensure alignment and consistency
  • Coordinate with PR agency on corporate communications matters, as needed
  • Handle financial media inquiries
  • Manage the process of CEO designation of spokespersons
  • Review marketing press releases for corporate alignment and messaging
  • Develop internal corporate communications
  • Maintain the Company’s Disclosure Policy
  • Provide input to ensure consistency on Social Responsibility messaging
  • Moderate inquiries of a legal nature as part of the Social Media Protocol
  • Partner with the Social Media Director to counsel on any corporate communications matters
  • Develop and maintain a platform for investor social media, as needed

Crisis Management

  • Manage Issue Response Plan Coordinator(s)
  • Lead issue response that arise from the following area (this includes the communication protocol):
    • Investor Relations
    • Public Relations
    • Consumer Liability
    • Disaster Recovery
  • Key internal and external Company communication liaison when an issue requires positioning in a timely and succinct manner
  • Work closely with VP of Quality Assurance for product liability escalation matters

People Development

  • Experienced leader with ability to maximize employee potential.

Desired Skills and Experience

Background & Expertise

  • 10+ years of proactive investor and public relations spokesperson experience, demonstrated management level success in financial analysis and interpretation, investor relations, and corporate communications for a publicly traded company
  • Solid understanding of the financial and investment markets and financial modeling
  • Knowledge of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) disclosure requirements and filings, accounting and financial analysis.

Education Completed Bachelor degree in finance and communication

My Own Two Cents: I keep bumping into officers and directors of WD-40 at the Directors Forum and I keep thinking I should buy the stock. Great group. Since I’ve been paying attention, GMIAnalyst has been rating the company above average. I see they now have an “A” rating for the environment and ESG overall. Plus, the company is headquartered in San Diego. What more could you ask for?

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