SEBI's New Disclosure Guidelines for Mutual Funds

InGovernimagesGuest post from Shriram Subramanian, founder of InGovern Research Services with the objective of facilitating shareholder activism by institutional investors and thereby enhancing corporate governance in India. Proxy Advisory Services, Corporate Governance Research, Risk Monitoring, and Proxy Services. India’s SEBI, through a circular dated March 24th, 2014, released a new set of disclosure guidelines to be followed by mutual funds. These guidelines will be applicable from April 1st, 2014. Some of the important guidelines are:
Disclosure of AUM

  1. Disclosure of assets under management (AUM) on a monthly basis.
  2. The disclosures will include contribution of AUM from
    1. different category of schemes,
    2. top tier and other cities,
    3. sponsors and associates,
    4. entities other than sponsor and associates,
    5. investors type (retail, corporate, etc) in different scheme type (equity, debt, ETF, etc.),
    6. AUM garnered through sponsor group/ non-sponsor group distributors, and
    7. State-wise/Union territory-wise contribution to AUM.
  3. This information will be disclosed on the respective AMC’s website and on AMFI website.

Disclosure of Voting Exercise

  1. AMCs will record and disclose specific rationale supporting their voting decision (for, against or abstain) with respect to each vote proposal.
  2. AMCs will publish summary of votes cast across all its investee companies and along-with break-up of for, against or abstained votes.
  3. AMCs will disclose voting exercises on their website on a quarterly basis, within 10 working days from the end of the quarter and also in their annual report.
  4. AMCs will obtain Auditor’s certification on voting reports being disclosed by them which will be submitted to trustees and also disclosed in the annual report & website.
  5. Board of AMCs and Trustees will review and ensure that AMCs have voted on important proposals and the rationale recorded for vote decision is prudent and adequate.

Other Disclosures

  1. Mutual Funds will make available printed literature on mutual funds in regional languages.
  2. Mutual Funds will introduce Investor awareness campaign in regional languages both in print and electronic media.
  3. AMCs will develop a system for active support to PSU banks to distribute Mutual Fund products through them.
  4. Mutual funds will also provide an online investment facility on their websites

The spreadsheet format of disclosures can be downloaded from here.

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