Guest Post: Relieve the Pain of Voting Season

MikeTyrrell at Work

Mike Tyrrell

Mike Tyrrell is Editor of SRI-Connect – an online research marketplace for professional institutional investors, analysts & companies interested in sustainable development.  He is keen to open up the site to corporate governance analysts & corporate governance research.

I’ve heard so many complaints over the years about the work overload that occurs in ‘voting season’ and I’ve heard it from all sides: from investors, from research providers and from companies.  I’m aware that there are a number of structural changes, challenges and developments underway in the corporate governance and proxy advisory world.  These will take their course.

I set out to achieve something more modest; to create an easily-accessible space where companies, investors and research providers could exchange views on the little things that would make everyone’s life 5% easier.  Please add your own thoughts to the ever-growing list of ‘tips’ that have been collected from analysts and company secretaries.

Investors and analysts told companies: 

  • DO – understand that there is such a thing as voting season
  • DON’T – get stressed when investors don’t go to your AGM
  • DO – talk to your owners rather than shooting the messenger (the proxy advisor)
  • DON’T – waste time with non-issues
  • DO – identify the key decision-makers at each asset manager
  • …and many more things – read full article here

Companies told investors and analysts:

  • DO – consider your voting decision along with your investment decision
  • DON’T – let intermediaries get in the way
  • DO – hold your shares in designated accounts
  • DON’T – be too noisy, too late
  • DO – find out how much voting costs you
  • …and many more things – read full article here

What do you think?  Do you have something to add?  Email with your ideas.

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