Guest Post: Stay Informed with Jurify’s Free Corporate Governance Database


Nicole Jasso Lopez

Guest Post by Nicole Jasso Lopez, corporate lawyer and President at, discussing how Jurify presents corporate governance resources and keeps you up-to-date on developments. 

Jurify’s mission is to make sense of the law at a time when much information is free but navigating it is becoming increasingly difficult and time-consuming.  And corporate governance is a particularly challenging area to navigate.  It is a patchwork of trends, best practices, successes and missteps supported and directed by a framework of federal and state law and rules of self-regulatory organizations, like the NYSE and Nasdaq.

The people who care about corporate governance are as diverse as the resources themselves: stockholders, management, directors, proxy advisors, academics, social activists, employees and other stakeholders. Finding one great resource in a sea of information is so much less useful without context, without an anchor.  The legal framework anchors the ongoing corporate governance dialogue, and, at Jurify, we created a tool that organizes the very best legal corporate governance resources, including not only articles and blog posts but the law itself.

With Jurify, you can access thousands of corporate governance resources in the way you choose, and it only takes a few seconds, even if you aren’t a lawyer or governance expert.  You choose how you search: by topics narrow and broad.  We have hundreds of narrow governance-related topics, such as Advance Notice Bylaws, Inspection Demands, Poison Pills and Majority Voting.  And we have broad topics, such as Board Committees, Boards of Directors and Stockholder Activism.Jurify Search Page - 04.07.14

Not only is Jurify a free research tool, we monitor hundreds of websites for developments in corporate governance and upload the best new resources daily. We also circulate daily digests to our registered users.

Now, if you ever want to take a deeper dive into a corporate governance topic or simply want an easy way to follow the latest developments in governance, come sign up for a free account at Jurify.

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