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Use and Misuse of Stock Price

MillsteinCenterIRRCiThe Conference on the Use and Misuse of Stock Price will take place on Friday, September 19, 2014, from 9:00AM-5:30PM at Columbia Law School in New York City and will be hosted by the Millstein Center and IRRC Institute.  Mark your calendar. 

Use and Misuse of Stock Price

Selected papers from the IRRCi and Millstein Center 2013 Call for Papers“The Purpose, Use and Potential Misuse of Stock Prices in the Public Equity Market,” will be discussed along with academic and practitioner responses:

  • “Market Efficiency and the Development of the Market for Corporate Control” by Brian Cheffins (Cambridge) and John Armour (Oxford)
  • “Market Predators” by Lauren H. Cohen (Harvard), Karl Diether (Brigham Young), Dong Lou (LSE) and Christopher Malloy (Harvard)
  • “Managerial Learning from Stock Prices: A Structural Examination” by Itay Goldstein (UPenn) and Andrew Di Wu (UPenn)
  • “The Potential Use of Sustainability Scenarios as a Supplement to Stock Price in Equity Valuation by Long-term Investors” by Steve Lydenberg (Initiative for Responsible Investment, Harvard)  

Use and Misuse of Stock Price

For information on the conference and to register, please click on the links below.  Additional information will be made available in August 2014.

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