Directors Responsibilities In Canada

Video Friday: Directors Responsibilities in Canada

Directors Responsibilities In CanadaLeaders from Osler and the Institute of Corporate Directors discuss the evolution of corporate governance and the release of Directors Responsibilities in Canada – a guide to understanding and fulfilling director responsibilities. Although written for Canada, it has general applicability worldwide.

After the video, I suggest a couple of additional books.

The Guide on Directors Responsibilities Covers 

  • the duty and accountability of directors and the role of shareholders
  • corporate governance matters, including directors’ conflict of interest, securities law and stock exchange requirements
  • public company disclosure obligations
  • financing, capital markets and takeover bid issues
  • statutory liabilities, including insider trading, environmental legislation and tax matters
  • liability for offences under the corporate statutes
  • risk management

To receive the free guide on Directors Responsibilities, visit Osler Guides.

Other Books on Directors Responsibilities

See also Review: Boardroom Q&A – Since 1997, Ralph Ward’s Boardroom INSIDER has focused not on the big topics of governance — the kind I try to address at — but the little topics of boardsmanship, the real-world concerns that directors urgently ask about. In his new Kindle published book, Boardroom Q&A: Ralph Ward Answers Your Toughest Boardroom Questions… even those many boardmembers are unwilling to ask. Well qualified himself, much of Ward’s advice comes from a wide variety of top experts. 

The Role of Independent Directors in Corporate Governance: A “Must Have” Reference for Every Corporate Director – When I reviewed the first edition of The Role of Independent Directors after Sarbanes-Oxley by Bruce F. Dravis I called it an entire reference library in a thin volume. For the second edition, entitled The Role of Independent Directors in Corporate Governance, the number of pages has gone up from about 170 to 250 and the typefont is slightly smaller but the guidance remains the most readable I have encountered for providing directors, their advisors, and shareowners with a solid understanding of the primary legal and governance issues faced by independent directors.

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