Proxy Mosaic Dialogue Series: Shareholder Proposals

Proxy MosaicProxy Mosaic is beginning a series of dialogues. The first is entitled “Are Meaningful Shareholder Proposals a Thing of the Past?”

This certainly looks like the start of something good. I’m sure many readers won’t want to miss it. Here’s their announcement (I added the links):
Join us as we host a conversation on shareholder proposals, the no-action process, and the recent controversies surrounding the SEC Commissioner’s paper and the Whole Foods proxy access situation. Joining us to discuss this topic will be Anne Simpson, Senior Portfolio Manager and Director of Global Governance at CalPERS and Darla C. Stuckey, President & CEO of the Society of Corporate Secretaries and Governance Professionals. John Wilcox, Chairman of SODALI, will moderate.
March 5th is coming up quick. The Proxy Mosaic event is 11am ET. Register Today

Proxy Mosaic is a proxy research and corporate governance firm. Corporate governance is a valuable risk management tool that affects real economic return. Their unique analytic and targeted approach focuses on the key issues that are data-driven and highly correlated with positive shareholder returns.

Proxy Mosaic views corporate governance as a risk management tool, offering in-depth research to clients in understanding and mitigating these risks.

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