Dr. Richard LeBlanc

Video Friday: Richard Leblanc on Proxy Access & CIRI 2015

Dr. Richard LeBlanc

Dr. Richard LeBlanc

Watch Dr. Richard Leblanc talk about Proxy Access for boards and how it could be a corporate governance game-changer.

CCGC has endorsed proxy access. Dr. Richard LeBlanc discusses democracy in corporate governance. Proxy access is the corporate governance game changer. Business organizations have pushed back but some companies have voluntarily adopted it. “This is the right thing to do as far as corporate governance.”

Regulators might step in and impose, so it is incumbent upon directors to get ahead of the game and adopt voluntarily. It could change the whole tone of the board.

Yvette Lokker, CEO of the Canadian Investor Relations Institute, gives a behind-the-scenes take on this year’s annual conference, along with conference co-chairs Shirley Chenier and Brian Ector.

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