Shareholder Activism

Shareholder Activism: ValueAct, Angry Shareholder, Ethics

Shareholder Activism

Shareholder Activism at Roll-Royce

ValueAct, the US hedge fund, has emerged as a shareholder in Smiths Group, just days after revealing it is the largest investor in Rolls-Royce. Lex’s Rochelle Toplensky and Jonathan Eley discuss the possible implications for Smiths and Rolls-Royce. 

Shareholder Activist: Angry Shareholder

Actual recording of an angry shareholder for a major oil company. He left a message for the investor relations department after the stock was hammered, however all oil stocks have been down lately due to the price of oil crashing. I do not work for this company but received it from someone inside. [ Not so hilarious… more like bigoted and creepy.]

Shareholder Activism and Business Ethics

Executive Director of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics Kirk Hanson interviews Ned Barnholdt, chairman of KLA-Tencor and board member, eBay and Adobe. The topic is Shareholder Activism. How does it affect corporate directors and board dynamics, and can it also be a disincentive? The interview was held in conjunction with the Ethics Center spring 2015 Business Ethics Partnership, which brings business people and scholars together from Silicon Valley and beyond to discuss emerging issues in corporate governance and ethics.

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