Replacing Board Members - Elephant In The Room

Video Friday: Replacing Board Members

Replacing Board Members - Elephant In The RoomAs I reported in Replacing Board Members: The Elephant in the RoomSVDX and Stanford University’s Rock Center put on another great event last week that just about packed the house! These events are always top notch. A few nibbles and coffee or tea for breakfast, excellent company and a great program — what more could you want on third Thursdays.

If the video does not come up after several seconds, try reloading the page.

In the video below, program moderator, CEO and founder of EquilarDavid Chun queries panelist Dan Cooperman, an attorney at DLA Piper, a fellow at the Rock Center for Corporate Governance, and a director at Molina Healthcare. Their discussion centered on the board need for concrete data, succession planning as a process, and bringing on new directors… onboarding.

Ask two other panelists to summarize a few important points from the program and you would likely get a different focus. We all build on the knowledge and experience we bring to the conversation about replacing board members. Of course, David Chun and Dan Cooperman bring more than of both than most but I’m sure everyone attending got a lot out of the program. 

Do you wish panelists had gotten into a deeper dive on director effectiveness or tying the skills matrix back to the current strategy of the company? What are the characteristics of high-performing boards? How do boards make effective decisions? What are their fiduciary obligations and how are those changing?

Bring those questions and more to the next Silicon Valley Directors’ Exchange (SVDX) / Rock Center 3rd Thursday event, An Effective Board: Pipe Dream or Reality? (I want to know who is making up all these catchy program titles.) Registration is now open.   


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