ICGN CII Combined Meeting 2015

ICGNCIII attended day one of the ICGN Boston Event and CII 2015 fall conference at the Westin Copley Plaza in Boston, MA. I will do at least a post or two on this wonderful combined meeting in future. However, I’m also negotiating with a couple of companies on proxy access and will be taking a much needed vacation out of country with my wife, who just retired. Therefore, my posts will not be forthcoming for a while. 

However, I did want to post a brief invite for attendees to email me their thoughts and impressions of this wonderful combined meeting.

Keith Johnson

Keith Johnson

For example, I had brief conversation with Keith Johnson after Plenary 3: Shareholder stewardship: the case of a US code. herding cats

During the session someone eluded to the fact that getting agreement on a stewardship code in the United States would be like herding cats. On the way to the next session, Keith told me, “herding cats is easy. Just move the food.” Dogs you can train because they aim to please with every whistle. With cats you need to move the food. Witty and insightful.

Where else are we thinking like dogs, while trying to organize cats? What did you pick up on at the combined meeting? Drop me a quotable note, insight, tip or whatever. Don’t want your name associated with what you send? Let me know and you’ll remain anonymous. I’m sure I’ll have many takeaways upon reflection. What were yours? Any favorite photos? Twenty years on for this blog on corporate governance. It could be a lot better with more help from readers.

In the meantime, check out #ICGN15 and DuPont CEO Kullman: “Crucial” to engage with all stakeholders.

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