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LGBTQ Panel at SRI

While major advances have been achieved in the United States to protect the rights of the LGBTQ individuals (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trasgender, queer or questioning), there are still a number of countries where outright discrimination and even punishment by death are real threats. A major LGBTQ rights panel during the 27th annual SRI Conference November 9–-11, 2016 in Denver will explore what concerned shareholders can and will be doing about this issue.

“Concerned shareholders have played a major role in the United States in advancing the rights of LGBTQ Americans,” Steve Schueth, president of First Affirmative Financial Network and producer of The SRI Conference, said. “Even long-term corporate holdouts like ExxonMobil have acknowledged the need to take action on this issue. But much work remains to be done on a global basis and The SRI Conference is pleased to be able to bring together people to figure out how to get that important LGBTQ work done.”

Shareowner Advocacy in the Global Struggle for Full LGBTQ Rights

The SRI Conference panel, “Shareowner Advocacy in the Global Struggle for Full LGBTQ Rights,” is described  in the program as follows: “

Despite achieving same sex marriage equality, the LGBTQ community still faces legally sanctioned housing and employment discrimination in the U.S., and in many countries, same-sex relationships are criminal and even punishable by death. We will explore the continuing need for shareowner and corporate advocacy for full LGBTQ equality.”

Shareholder activism to secure LGBTQ rights in the workplace ranks among the most successful investor advocacy campaigns ever. Shareholders have convinced nearly 200 companies to improve their policies, according to data compiled by Clean Yield Asset Management.

The panel will be moderated by Matt Patsky, CEO, Trillium Asset Management, and include: Shelley Alpern, director of social research & shareholder advocacy, Clean Yield Asset Management; Tim Gill, founder and board member, Gill Foundation; and Kevin Jennings, executive director, Arcus Foundation.

LGBTQ Resolutions

In the United States, the 2016 shareholder season has seen 10 resolutions filed. Of those, seven were successfully withdrawn, the results of two are pending. The third resolution came to a vote at J.B. Hunt Transport in April, 2016 with a favorable vote of 54.7% and the company has subsequently adopted a policy regarding LGBTQ matters. The leading sponsors of LGBTQ resolutions in 2016 were Trillium Asset Management and NorthStar Asset Management

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About the SRI Conference

The 27th annual SRI Conference will be held November 9-–11, 2016, at the Hyatt Regency Downtown Denver, Colorado. The SRI Conference is the premier annual forum for investors and investment professionals engaged in sustainable, responsible, impact (SRI) investing. Conference participation includes investment professionals, institutional investors, and related organizations. The SRI Conference features educational sessions and focused opportunities to network with hundreds of like-minded individuals, organizations, and leaders in the field of Sustainable, Responsible, Impact investing. See the Agenda.

The SRI Conference is produced by First Affirmative Financial Network, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor offering investment consulting and asset management services through a nationwide network of investment professionals who specialize in serving socially conscious, impact-oriented investors.

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