Douglas Park of Park and Dibadj Consultancy

Park and Dibadj Consultancy

Douglas Park of Park and Dibadj Consultancy

Douglas Park

Douglas Park and Reza Dibadj have launched their boutique business and legal consultancy, Park and Dibadj (P&D)—a unique firm that addresses unmet needs in corporate strategy and governance. We bring decades of successful experience as both lawyers and strategists in extraordinarily challenging environments.

We believe that a siloed approach—law on the one hand, business on the other—cannot adequately address the most pressing problems of corporate governance and strategy. As such, we develop business strategies and also implement transactional structures and substantive legal arguments.

Reza Dibadj of Park and Dibadj Consultancy

Reza Dibadj

Our experience practicing, consulting, and teaching both business law and strategy allows us to address two critical issues that companies face: corporate development and mitigating legal, operational, and financial risks to organizations and their directors and officers.

Corporate Development

With respect to corporate development, Park & Dibadj:

  • Collaborate with domestic and international business entities that seek financing strategies that do not require securities registration.
  • Advise on mergers & acquisitions, including identifying targets, contractual structures, appraisal rights, and due diligence to maximize the chances of a successful deal.

Risk Management

When working with clients to manage risk, Park & Dibadj:

  • Work with corporations, boards, and individuals to manage multi-faceted risks relating to allegations of fraud, private lawsuits, and civil and criminal government actions.
  • Develop strategies to enhance sustainability reporting and manage ESG risks and opportunities.
  • Assist with immediate crisis management, as well as compliance procedures and long-term corporate governance and culture.

Independent Advice

Of particular note, we specialize in advising boards of directors and their independent committees on critical issues whose resolution requires retaining advisors independent from the company’s counsel. Courts have increasingly looked at whether boards and independent committees have independent advisors in ruling on corporate governance related disputes. See, for example, RBC Capital Markets v. Jervis, 129 A. 3d 816 (Del. 2015); In re Del Monte Foods S’holders Litig, 25 A. 3d 813 (Del. Ch. 2011); In re El Paso Corp. S’holders Litig., 41 A. 3d 432 (Del. Ch. 2012).

Assisting Directors

  • Evaluate whether a specific transaction or opportunity is in the best interests of the corporation and its shareholders, not the officers or directors.
  • Assess conflicted transactions—whether in the context of self-dealing or usurpation of corporate opportunity.

For instance, we advise on allegations of insider trading, dismissal or settlement of derivative litigation, the evaluation of controlled mergers and tender offers, and the resolution of conflicts of interest among board members. We are uniquely qualified to collaborate on both strategic imperatives and legal solutions. And we appreciate that boards and committees are increasingly lean and focused—so are we.

Park and Dibadj: About

Park & Dibadj is based in Silicon Valley and works with clients nationally and internationally. We advise in-house counsel and outside law firms, corporations and individuals.

Douglas Park is Managing Partner of Park and Dibadj. Doug has been named a Super Lawyer in Business/Corporate Law. He has substantial experience advising on corporate governance, financing transactions, securities law, sustainability, and ESG. Doug received his A.B. magna cum laude with highest honors in Sociology from Harvard College, his Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Stanford Graduate School of Business, and his J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School.

Reza Dibadj is Managing Partner of Park and Dibadj. His career is devoted to analyzing and solving complex questions of business law and business strategy.He brings decades of experience as an attorney, law professor, strategy consultant, and expert witness. Reza received his S.B. magna cum laude in Engineering Sciences with specialization in Computer, Electrical, and Systems Engineering from Harvard College, his J.D. magna cum laude from Harvard Law School, and his M.B.A. with distinction from Harvard Business School.

To learn more about our services, and how to engage with us, contact the Managing Partners directly at or

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