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Vermont Employee Ownership Conference

Vermont Employee Ownership Conference interviewMatt Cropp, Associate Director of the Vermont Employee Ownership Center and Marjorie Kelly, Executive Vice President of the Democracy Collaborative, discuss employee and community ownership, with a specific discussion of the Keep BT Local Campaign.

We need more discussions like this one around the world.

The 15th Annual Vermont Employee Ownership Conference is today, Friday, June 2. It features 19 workshops and is the largest annual gathering of Vermont’s employee-ownership community. I would love to hear from those in attendance. What were your most significant takeaways?

Marjorie Kelly, of the Democracy Collaborative, is the Keynote speaker, delivering a speech on the topic of “Who Owns America.” Ms. Kelly is currently Senior Fellow and Executive Vice President at The Democracy Collaborative, and cofounder of the “50 by 50” initiative, which aims to lay the groundwork for there to be 50 million employee owners in the United States by 2050. She is author of two books (The Divine Right of Capital and Owning Our Future), is from a business family (her father started his own business, and her grandfather founded Anderson Tool & Die in Chicago), and founded and was President of Business Ethics Magazine for 20 years. She’s been a fan of employee ownership for decades, and is puzzled why everyone else isn’t!

I really enjoyed Matt Cropp’s interview with Kelly. I wish I could have been there to ask her about the BuyTwitter campaign and whether or not she sees potential in hybrid models, which attempt to take the best elements of co-ops and publicly-traded companies.

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