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Universal Background Checks: Take Action

Universal background checks; that would be a good first step. Gun violence may seem to some of my readers too far afield from corporate governance. However, I believe our investment decisions, including communications with companies and proxy votes made after AFTER buying stock should reflect all our values, not just greed.

I am all for banning assault weapons, ending the federal funding freeze on gun violence research, raising the minimum age to buy firearms, outlawing bump stocks, no-fly no-buy laws, etc.  However, here I simply request that readers take a few minutes to help pass federal legislation requiring universal background checks by putting pressure on corporations to lobby in favor of it.

CORPGOV PlateSide note: My California license plate is CORPGOV. That is a reference to my website and my passion to make corporate governance more democratic. Unfortunately, most people think it has something to do with my support of Corporatocracy. For example, I was once given a ticket for failing to observe a right turn only lane. The police officer acknowledged there was poor signage. She told me she saw my license plate and gave me a ticket so I would get it fixed through my “connections.” I did end up getting it fixed but through photographs and letters, not connections.

#ParklandStudentsSpeak seem to be moving us forward. Grade school survivors of Sandy Hook were not as articulate? Requiring universal background checks seems very doable to me. Companies and their trade associations do have clout in Congress. Dick’s Sporting Goods came out in support when they made their other announcements.

It should not be hard to get WalMart, Kroger, LL Bean, etc. to support universal background checks, since that would take business away from gun show competitors. Additionally, 97% of Americans support background checks, so there little is little risk of adverse publicity, except from the crazies. Nineteen states with comprehensive background checks had a roughly 50 percent lower gun violence rates.

Take Action on Universal Background Checks

Yes, write to your political representatives asking them to support background checks and other measures. Don’t stop there. Everyone knows companies and their trade associations have tremendous influence in Congress. Here are some of the additional steps I took.

My typical message was fairly short. Here’s what I wrote to Kroger.

I reviewed Kroger’s gun policy but did not see a policy on universal background checks.

Please tell me if Kroger or Fred Meyer have a policy of supporting legislation on universal background checks. If you have such a policy, please send me link or press release.
Since 97% of Americans support universal background checks and it would help level the playing field with gun shows, I assume Kroger supports and encourages the Outdoor Industry Association and others to support as well. However, I have been unable to confirm. Can you do so? If Kroger’s does not support universal background checks, please tell me why.

Universal Background Checks: Going Further

Want to take additional steps? #SandyHookPrinciples    Support Drain the NRAMoms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America. Write to NRA partners and funds holding gun stocks. More suggestions from US SIF at What ESG-conscious investors can do about guns.

Have additional suggestions for shareholders? Please leave them in the comment section below or e-mail me. Together we can make a difference.


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