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David Webber Interviewed by Doug Chia: Video

David Webber was interviewed by Doug Chia recently. I previously reviewed Webber’s book elsewhere, Working-Class Shareholder: Review Essay, which included links to several interviews. However, Doug Chia’s interview of David Weber is exceptionally good, worth viewing. Douglas (Doug) Chia is executive director of the Governance Center for The Conference Board.

David Webber: From The Conference Board Website

In the vide below, David What power does labor have over the portfolio companies that control their pensions?

In short: quite a lot.

In his captivating book, The Rise of the Working Class Shareholder: Labor’s Last Best Weapon, David Webber (Boston University School of Law) reviews recent cases where multibillion-dollar pension funds flexed their muscles and launched shareholder actions against companies to protect their working-class contributors’ interests. It details the profound impact they have had – from unseating entrenched board members at Safeway to divesting from anti-labor and gun companies.

In our webcast interview, Prof. Webber and Doug Chia (Executive Director, Governance Center) discuss:

  • The strengths/weaknesses of various tools working-class shareholders can use to to effect change at companies (strikes, shareholder actions, etc.)
  • Common triggers among pension funds which made them spring into action (Safeway, Home Depot. etc.)
  • Ways labor should engage with their portfolio companies
  • How a shift from long-termism should incorporate labor concerns
  • The future for labor capital as a market force

This “Book Discussion” interview is available for you to view at your convenience by clicking on the button below.

David Webber Interviewed by Doug Chia on YouTube


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