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2018 GPW 10: Corporate Governance Impact

Global Proxy Watch (GPW) is terrific publication by Stephen Davis and Aaron Bernstein aimed at the corporate governance industrial complex. I read every word of every issue. It only runs a couple of pages, but it is jammed packed with news that cannot be found elsewhere. Here’s one article that took up about 1/4 of the December 21, 2018 edition (not what is shown in image above).

Each December GPW recognizes 10 people around the world who have had a salutary impact on corporate governance. Here is the 2018 ‘GPW 10’:

Chris Ailman of CalSTRS  championed ESG integration and collective engagements on issues like gun safety

Cindy Fornelli led the Center for Audit Quality’s insightful work on global audit practices.

Kenneth Hayne headed the Australian Royal Commission’s review of the banking industry.

Rob Jackson used his post at the US Securities and Exchange Commission to champion investor views.

Sophie L’Helias created the innovative Gender Diversity Exchange.

Nell Minow eloquently called out the NAM campaign against shareowner interests through its so-called Main Street Investor Coalition.

Simon Osborne oversaw UK board accountability efforts by the ICSA-the Governance Institute.

Chris Sier advanced fund cost transparency as head of the UK Financial Conduct Authority’s Institutional Disclosure Working Group.

Yasumasa Tahara led the Financial Services Agency’s review of Japan’s stewardship code as well as of corporate disclosure and audit reforms.

Christy Wood shepherded a key investor initiative on US firearms.


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