Golden Peacock Awards

Golden Peacock Award Applications Open

Golden Peacock Award applications due August 31, 2019. Today, Boards are expected to focus on improving their effectiveness—not just their compliance, but also Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance for long term sustainability and making their companies investor friendly. Boards also require frameworks for optimizing board engagement and performance, enhancing the contribution of individual board members to meet greater transparency and sever accountability. Thus, Corporate Governance and Sustainability are most inevitable topics of discussion in corporate boardrooms worldwide.

Doing business ethically has become a ‘Hallmark of Excellence’ and winning ‘Golden Peacock Award’ is now considered as badge of excellence and also to build brand equity.

The Secretariat is inviting applications for the following annual Institutional Awards for the year 2019, from Corporates/Industries, including multinationals, SMEs, Public, Private and Government Enterprises of India and abroad:

Golden Peacock Global Awards

  1. Award for Excellence in Corporate Governance (GPGAECG)
  2. Global Award for Sustainability (GPGAS)

Golden Peacock National Awards

  1. Award for Excellence in Corporate Governance (GPAECG)
  2. Award for Sustainability (GPAS)

The last date for submission of completed applications for the above Awards is August 31, 2019.

The Guidelines-cum-Application Form for these awards can be downloaded. In case, you are unable to download, please email You may telephone 8885550403 or 9885793327.

The aforesaid Awards will be conferred during IOD India’s “19th annual International Conference on Corporate Governance & Sustainability and Global Business Meet, which is scheduled for November 13 – 16, 2019 in London (UK).

Golden Peacock Awards, instituted by the Institute Of Directors (IOD), have not only won wide acceptance among businesses & industry, but have achieved much recognition and patronage among peers, globally. To create an Intra-Sector competitiveness, Golden Peacock Awards are considered separately under various Business Sector and Sub-Sectors. The Award winners are eligible to use the Golden Peacock Awards Logo with year on all printed and promotional materials, which showcases to all its customers and suppliers the highest accolade received by the organization. The whole process is kept strictly confidential.


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