2020 ESG Proposal Lists

2020 ESG Proposal Lists

2020 ESG Proposal Lists Updated

Our 2020 ESG proposal lists have been updated, thank to Lynn Jokela (bio) who posted something the other day at TheCorporateCounsel.net about how to find “other companies who are receiving the same shareholder proposals.” Presumably Jokela was focused on corporate counsel. Of course, our readers, primarily investors, also want to know who is filing what. That is why I have long included a list of lists maintained by others on our Shareowner Action Handbook page under Proposal Templates.  I use these list primarily to find templates for new proposal I want to submit and to see how recent no-actions have been addressed.

In her post Jokela noted, “Those of us who deal with shareholder proposals on a regular basis know the benefits of talking with your counterpart at another company that got the same proposal. They can help explain how they got the proponent to withdraw the proposal or what a proponent’s real sticking point might be.” Of course, on the other side of the issue, as a proponent, it is also great to be able to reach out to others filing the same type of proposal. You can then help each other with negotiations, no-actions, etc. I wasn’t aware Trillium published a list, so thanks Lynn. I added Trillium to my list maintained at Proposal Templates:

Know of other 2020 ESG proposal lists? Email me and I will add them. Happy holiday wishes to you and yours.


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